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Rabbi Kahane, the Sarah Solution, and Peace

Rabbi Kahane addressing a New York Jewish youth group in 1975
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Rabbi Kahane, martyred 30 years ago, most famously proposed expelling Arab residents who couldn’t or wouldn’t get along with Jews.

Why Cancer is Called a Silent Killer

Classic metaphor for silent killers - the domestic cat
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Cancer has been called a silent killer because it kills its victims gradually without causing serious or alarming symptoms in the early stages. Cancer is not the only silent killer disease. High blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery disease, even osteoporosis are also silent killers. Because their early warning signs are disguised and diffuse, subtle symptoms the patient often ignores until too late. So, doctors have instituted programs of early detection oppose silent killers.

Eyes + Ears = 50!

Eyes + ears = 50 state majority.
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Eyes + ears = 50 as in a 50 state sweep of the Electoral College. The Democrats face that after openly siding with rampant criminality.

“Burn Your Masks”: Attorney Katherine Henry Wins Over The Tyrant In Michigan

Burn your masks, says attorney after winning a verdict in the Michigan Supreme Court that meets here.
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“That means burn your masks right now if you didn’t already. Open your gym and movie theater and open whatever business you have,” Attorney Katherine Henry said. “Go on and frequent whatever business you would like to go to, if you have a church that’s limited your services because of how you’re reading the EOs, forget that. All of those executive orders, based on COVID-19 circumstances, from 2020, they’re out, they’re gone, they’re done.”

Voter Fraud the ONLY Issue in 2020 Election

Dead people voting: ballots returned marked "deceased". Part of a likely voter fraud coup attempt. Ballot harvesting circumvents this kind of check. Votes for the dead are a prime example of voter fraud in America.
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Voter fraud is THE issue in the 2020 election. Now that all else has failed, the enemies of freedom are determined to rig the election.

South Dakota Governor: I Don’t Have The Authority To Lockdown The State, They Are Attacking Our Religious Freedoms – What Is It That The People Don’t See Here?

One governor who, without shame, states the limits of her authority - Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota
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“So I never issued a shelter-in-place, I never closed a business. I didn’t even define an essential business … Because I don’t have the authority to do that.” Governor Kristi Noem

A text without context

God of Israel, god of war. (And a need for context.) A memorial to the last time Israel was ever on any real offensive: the Six-day War Memorial. (A Jewish Jedi warrior would be quite at home at such a time.) Calling something a Nakba doesn't make it tragic.
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In her book, The Shepherd’s Granddaughter, Anne Laurel Carter drops her young readers into the middle of a land without its history, a situation without context, and a story without perspective. But she intends her message to influence innocent students. It is a tutorial in subterfuge, a tale woven on an invisible loom, where the circumstances are unseen, the actions undefined, and the slander insidious. This is my seventh children’s book review and it has left me reeling.

When will we return to normal?

The coronavirus or COVID virion or virus particle, in profile and section. New normal? Or are we seeing bogus morbidity and mortality statistics from it?
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Our society might never return to normal if normal means having a vaccine. Which the government will not let you collect damages from.

Nancy shows us the way

Nancy Pelosi stepped in it on Operation Fast and Furious
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Nancy Pelosi gives the latest example of imperious hypocrisy. But who is the bigger fool? Does that distinction go to those who elect her?

While Pedophile Faces Death By Firing Squad For Molesting Children In Indonesia, California Passes Bill To Reduce Penalties For Sex With “Willing Children”

State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-Calif.). He would make a pedophile no longer a criminal.
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Why is it, that while a pedophile faces death by firing squad in Indonesia, California would make his act no longer criminal?