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More About Joe and the Jews

Joe Biden stabs the Jews in the back once again
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Joe Biden continues to appoint people inimical to Jews and pursue policies hostile to Israel. Why did Jews vote for him?

Video: People Take Stand For Business Owner, Tell Health Department Gestapo “To Get Out”

An example of social-distancing health department orders during the general strike - er, quarantine
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Health department authorities in Vancouver, B.C., Canada clashed with a restaurant owner – and her patrons. The patrons won.

Rewilding – a dangerous strategy for social control

Lindbergh State Park, where rewilding might have gotten its first mention from Lindbergh himself.
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Rewilding – restoring land and especially riverbanks and coastlines to status quo ante human settlement – might seem like science fiction. But in fact the concept has caught the fancy of the environmental and globalist left. Furthermore, test cases abound – and the concept even found its way into a vaunted “infrastructure bill” now under debate. As such it is the true Trojan Horse – for rewilding makes human totalitarian control all the easier.

Texit – if the vote were the other way

Flag of Texas - or Texit
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Yesterday, Mr. Dan Miller, head of the Texas Nationalist Movement, posed an interesting question. Suppose, he asked, Texas were an independent nation-state today. (Never mind how. Suppose it were.) Now suppose that, instead of a Texit Bill, a Tex-Enter bill were now before the Legislature. How, then, would you vote, and urge your Legislators to vote? Would you vote to join? Or stay out?

Texas, power, and bad money

Flag of Texas - or Texit
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Recall that CNAV, shortly after the Texas Deep Freeze, offered this opinion on why Texas had such a problem. Specifically, Texas lost much of its power generating capacity, and many Texans lost their lives. Now Dan Miller, head of the Texas Nationalist Movement, offers a better explanation than he did before, on why Texas had a power problem. He identifies subsidies for “renewable” power, which distorted the market, reduced coal and gas generating capacity, and left Texas more vulnerable than it otherwise would have been.

Election fraud or split tickets – what’s the difference?

We're trying to rig an election here! Did they commit election fraud?
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As every adult American should know by now, two diametrically opposing narratives compete in the trial of fact, in the jury of public opinion, concerning the Presidential Election of 2020. (And the Senate runoffs in Georgia.) One narrative says that an unconstitutional compact of six or seven State Secretaries of State colluded in election fraud. To be more specific, they allowed election fraud to continue without meaningful challenge. The other narrative says that about five million Republicans “put country before party” and voted for Biden instead of Trump. According to this narrative, they either split their ticket or cast no votes down-ticket. As CNAV has noted here, certain “fake conservatives” insist on the second option. (Sadly, some even avow that they split their own ticket, just to spite Trump.) CNAV will now analyze the two narratives, what evidence supports each, and what each predicts.

World-wide protests: history does teach us that you can only oppress a people only for so long – here it comes again (videos)

Sign for refusing a vaccine, or for protests against vaccines, lockdowns, etc.
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Protests are breaking out worldwide against enforced vaccines, lockdowns, and all other oppressive measures using SARS-CoV-2 as an excuse.

Geopolitical disaster

Last day of Pompeii - a suitable metaphor for disaster, including geopolitical disaster
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The Biden-Harris administration, as they would like people to call it, is a geopolitical disaster. We saw this first with Russia and now with China.

The Israeli Vaccine Holocaust Just Got Worse: They Are Now Told That They Can Have Their Freedoms Back Only If They Take The Vaccines!

Obama interferes in Israeli elections. Does he also use taxpayer money to pay for it?
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Now the government in Israel is offering their people back their freedom only if they take the vaccinations.

What Is Wrong With Jill Biden?

Jill Biden and Joe Biden
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If this title rings a bell, it’s because it’s so similar to the title of an article I wrote exactly a year ago this month, when presidential candidate Joe Biden—visibly compromised by clear signs of cognitive failure if not downright dementia—was being sequestered in his dimly-lit basement, surrounded by leftist toadies cranking out his occasional telepromptered statements, and guarded by wife Jill, who never failed to answer questions posed to him, finish his sentences, or whisk him away from the cameras.