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Texit war game 5 – remember the Texas!

USS John C. Stennis CVN-74 (Johnny Reb) could figure in a Texit war game.

As the Texit war game has shown, the Texas Exit will have casualties. CNAV does not expect the Biden-Harris regime to let Texas go quietly. Texans must prepare to accept the fortunes of war—and, like the Founders, “[rely firmly] on the protection of Divine Providence” and “mutually pledge to each other [their] lives, [their] fortunes, and [their] sacred honor.” But Texans can achieve victory, which is no less likely than it was when the American War for Independence began.

Texit war game 4 – hostilities

USS Texas would figure in any realistic war game for Texit

Texit, the Texas Exit, could make history. But this history will not be tame. William Barrett Travis, Jim Bowie, David Crockett, and their fellow martyrs could tell you that, if they could speak. In the spirit of the Battle of the Alamo, CNAV continues its Texit war game series.

Texit war game 3: expulsions

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) figures in the Texit war game - he might have to bug out.

Kyle Biedermann and Dan Miller have started something, called Texit, that represents a kind of divorce. But divorce between two incompatible peoples disputing the same real estate is not pretty. Ask a Middle Easterner if you doubt that. In this installment of the Texit war game, Texans and non-Texans start to sort themselves out, as each side prepares for war.

Texit war game 2: prelude

Samuel A. Alito figures in a war game for Texit

On 25 January, Texas State Rep. Kyle Biedermann (R-Fredericksburg, Comal Co.) introduced his Texas Independence Referendum Act – the Texit Bill. After the Texas House reconvenes, the debate will begin. For Texit to succeed, the bill must first pass, and then the people of Texas must vote Yes. And if they do vote Yes, the Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the State House appoint a committee to work out Texit. So that’s two votes that must take place: legislative and popular. How can Rep. Biedermann and his ally Dan Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement score their goal? By convincing their fellow Texans that they can do this. To do that, they need a war game. Herewith an attempt at one – the beginning of a saga that would lead to Texas independence.