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Thanksgiving and thankfulness

Plymouth Rock Monument, Plymouth, MA, where the Pilgrims landed. A worthy monument to Thanksgiving.

Our American tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving has often been reduced to discussions about the turkey with little regard for the Pilgrims – whom we regard as austere men and women dressed in depressing black garb. The truth is significantly different. The women were known to prefer red for their clothing, in addition to wearing a variety of other bright colors – and the buckles that we believe they wore on their hats didn’t exist yet. However, the reality of who they were and what they accomplished is more worthy of celebration than the abundances of the Thanksgiving table. Their tale is one of inspiration and hope and also one that should identify us as a people.

Thanksgiving in America 2016

Washington at prayer - a nuclear option for a non-nuclear age. Washington would have later reason for thanksgiving. His is an example of exceptional statesmanship.

On July 4, 2011, the Israel-America Renaissance Institute celebrated America’s birthday by publishing an article on American Exceptionalism, which, we are happy to say, received widespread heartfelt approbation. That response clearly indicated that Americans fervently want to revive their “ancient faith,” which is so brilliantly and concisely articulated in the American Declaration of Independence – the subject of this, our celebratory, article.