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Statesman v politician – the true test

Winston Churchill, a true statesman and an inspiration for Pamela Geller

The test of a statesman is to make what is distant or vague appear near and vivid. This test is more difficult in democratic societies whose people tend to be preoccupied with immediate gratification of desires.

Statesman v. politician

Harry S. Truman showed some of the qualities of a statesman, though he said a statesman was a dead politician.

Perhaps it’s just a tall tale, but President Harry Truman reputedly said that a statesman is nothing but a dead politician. As is well known, however, Harry Truman was a down-to-earth politician who had some of the qualities of a statesman. Hence, at the risk of appearing as a romantic antiquarian, rather than a realistic political scientist, I will portray the intellectual and moral qualities that distinguish a statesman from a politician.