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Who’s your daddy?

We all have smiled sometime in the past at the friendly image of Uncle Sam calling us to various patriotic responsibilities. But in today’s day and age, this once kindly old uncle has stealthily become the head of many households in America.

Once in the not-too-distant past, the father held the position as head of the household. He set the standards of right and wrong and determined how the family’s money should be spent. Many fathers made sure their children learned the Golden Rule and developed good work ethics. Those days now seem gone with the wind as government legislates morality through school curriculum and bully/hate speech laws. Its intrusion into family life encroaches upon our god-given right to pursue happiness by dictating how our incomes should be spent on charitable causes, while dictating which causes are charitable and what organizations deserve a portion of our hard-earned dollar – even if we believe those organizations are morally reprehensible.

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