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The Dinosaur Dilemma, revisited: ignoring data and calling it ‘science’

During the Recall movement against Senator Robert Menendez in New Jersey, the intolerant disdain for those opposed to the theories of creation science became apparent in the rhetoric from many in the media and the Menendez camp. The most frequent object of hostility and ridicule was an article published on Creation Science Alive by Recall spokeswoman RoseAnn Salanitri, titled The Dinosaur Dilemma. The article challenges the evolutionists’ assumptions about the age of the dinosaurs’ extinction and compares the current standard evolutionary theory regarding the reason for the dinosaurs’ extinction with the creation account.

This article drew much attention and ridicule, most likely because dinosaurs have become one the best known icons for evolutionists, and (primarily on account of the tremendous size of many dinosaur fossils) are used to support the long ages needed to make a theory like evolution seem plausible. Beginning in the early elementary school years, public school children are indoctrinated with theories surrounding the extinction of the dinosaurs that assume the extinction took place 65 million years ago. By doing this evolutionists challenge the biblical creation account that states that the earth was created in six days approximately 6,000 years ago (according to Lord Usher’s calculations).

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