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Parler returns!

Logo of Parlet, the free speech social network

Parler, one of the foremost “alt-tech” social media sites, returned to near-full function at about midnight today (15 February 2021). (Visit it at this link.) Regular users noticed the return immediately. At about 10:15 a.m. EST, Parler issued a press release announcing its return.

Militia – now more than ever

Well regulated militia metaphor

The Constitution of the United States mentions the concept militia at least four times, if one counts every separate clause that mentions it. The recent accession to the Presidency of a quisling, after a compromised election, makes the militia more necessary than ever. Sadly, most American patriots don’t understand the militia as a concept. Herewith a definition of the militia and an overview of an ideal militia structure for our times.

Announcing new video options

Tango video player icon

As regular readers know, Alphabet, Inc., owners of YouTube, have decided not to let YouTube be what YouTube always has been. To be specific, they are disallowing accounts on the basis of content. For that reason, contributors will have to move their videos elsewhere. CNAV will be ready for them. To that end, CNAV announces a new video embedding extension that will work with more platforms than YouTube alone.

Driving and controlling the narrative at all costs: how much more telling can Facebook’s subversiveness and lawlessness be?

Facebook name and a Western Hemisphere projection

Facebook presumes to control the news by censoring posts and ads on their platform. The particulars here include a vaccine that might not be necessary.

Ultimate Election Malfeasance: The Manipulation of Reality

Deepfakes on display at TED 2019

Deepfakes – false images and footage with intent to deceive – could find a use to manipulate American voters as the left is about to lose everything

Social media meet their match

Atlas bears Twitter on his shoulders, a metaphor for social media administrative and moderational abuse

Yesterday (28 May 2020) the President finally took action that in fact he surely planned for a long time. By Executive Order, he set a policy on the conduct of social media platforms. To put it bluntly, if social media want the government to treat them as platforms, they should act as such. As CNAV and any conservative knows, they have been acting as publishers instead, deciding whom to let communicate, and whom not. Under this new Executive Order, that double standard of conduct and legal treatment will stop.

Tech Tyrants

Technology has come a long way since these days. Tech Tyrants thrive in the modern electronic age.

The Tech Tyrants are the companies that helped connect everyone and now decide who may speak and who may not. Government isn’t the answer. Better education might be.

Alex Jones, terms of service, and truth

Terms of service. Did Alex Jones really violate these at four different places? Or did the Deep State use that an an exuse?

On August 6, 2018, the arbiters of Facebook, YouTube, Apple (iTunes), and Spotify canceled the accounts and content of InfoWars founder Alex Jones. They took these actions within a twelve-hour interval of time. Each of them accused Alex Jones of breaking their terms of service. No two of them gave the same particulars, and some gave no particulars at all. The timing of the bans raises an immediate suggestion of collusion among them. And the allegations each made against Alex Jones vary from the vague to the specious to the outright mendacious. Moreover, one could allege the same against other users whose accounts remain. And that, sportsfans, is what we call selective application of the rules. Absolutely no one who does that, can make a truth claim and expect anyone to accept it.