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Not Everyone in Government is Going Along With this Nazi-Like or Soviet-Style Propaganda – Good Government is Resisting!

Vladimir Lenin, shouting "Forward!" in a classic propaganda poster. Obama imitates him in propaganda and disinformation. Saul Alinsky said it, also. Forward into what? Into socialism. Into an era of comrades, but no friends.

The media – and sadly the President’s task force – peddle propaganda to excuse overly harsh measures. At least two officials, however, are refusing.

Sheriff: last line of defense

Your local sheriff might be all that stands between you and a coup d'état.

By law, the sheriff is Chief Law Enforcement Officer of your County and answers only to you, the people who elected him. The sheriff is under no obligation to adhere to any unconstitutional law instituted by the state or federal government. In short, he is the last line of defense against an overreaching government.

Sheriff Project highlights third party meeting

Frank Cottone, originator and director of the Sheriff Project

The centuries-old office of sheriff might still save America from sliding into tyranny. Today an activist explained that at a bimonthly meeting of the Constitution Party of New Jersey.