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Monument Avenue – casualty of revolution

Monument Avenue counter protest small

The political left in America is attempting a putsch against our republic. Others have written ad nauseam about the excuse. Whether a squad of arresting officers acted properly or improperly, in trying to apprehend a suspect who might or might not have been “high” and who definitely died as a result, a trial court will decide. But that is not the issue, and never was. The issue is whether America will continue as a republic, or lapse into an identity-political oligarchy. And the latest casualty of this attempted authoritarian revolution is an iconic street in Richmond, Virginia. Its name: Monument Avenue

George Washington Warned of The Party Spirit: Democrats vs. Republicans is A Political Language Devised to Divide The American People!

General George Washington resigns his commission. Washington warned against democracy and its bane, political parties. Would Obama ever voluntarily resign such a commission? Also: President Washington warned against paper money.

Democracy has always risked division of the people. George Washington warned against it and its special bane, political parties.