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Protecting Joey

Joey Biden

I am here to address the accusations being hurled by the Radical Right against the man currently occupying the White House, Joey Biden.

More About Joe and the Jews

Joe Biden stabs the Jews in the back once again

Joe Biden continues to appoint people inimical to Jews and pursue policies hostile to Israel. Why did Jews vote for him?

What Is Wrong With Jill Biden?

Jill Biden and Joe Biden

If this title rings a bell, it’s because it’s so similar to the title of an article I wrote exactly a year ago this month, when presidential candidate Joe Biden—visibly compromised by clear signs of cognitive failure if not downright dementia—was being sequestered in his dimly-lit basement, surrounded by leftist toadies cranking out his occasional telepromptered statements, and guarded by wife Jill, who never failed to answer questions posed to him, finish his sentences, or whisk him away from the cameras.

American in name only (AINO)

An American flag flying at Chimney Rock, NC. Too bad the NFL no longer appreciates it. America is one election away from extinction. Which dreams will prevail: those of our forefathers or the savage dreams of socialism?

An American who does not value his national identity becomes an American in Name Only. That’s the problem in America today.

What now?

What now

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 20th day of November in the year 2020 and today I will be attempting to answer the question that many people have asked me about the election: what happens now. The Castle family is fine this week although a little down that we will not be together for Thanksgiving. We have chosen to not travel this season and we live in different parts of the country, so we comply with Dr. Fauci by accident. Speaking of Thanksgiving; next week there will be no Castle Report as Joan and I try to relax and give thanks as I trust you will also. Since I will not be talking next week, I will try to give you your money’s worth this week.

If Trump Would Have Prosecuted Biden For Treason, He Would Not Have Become Your President Elect!

Donald Trump at a conservative gathering in 2011. Does he truly pass the test? It would appear so--for he is now the voice of the silent American majority. He at least stays grounded in the real world.

Trump accused Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Obama of treason, likely with just cause, but never prosecuted any of them. Perhaps if he had…

What happens if Biden wins?

Joe Biden, former Vice President, and agent of conspiratorial division. And enemy of every Jew in America.

If Joe Biden wins election, he will pack the Court and turn America socialist. During the debate he gave every indication of this.

Critical theory – and a direct counterattack

Critical theory, pragmatism, and post-structuralism and where they intersect

On 29 September 2020 the Conservative Partnership Institute released this memo to President Donald J. Trump. In it they launched a direct counterattack against the latest liberal craze: critical theory. Though they concentrated on critical race theory, their memo addresses concerns that apply to all flavors of critical theory. CNAV urges all regular readers to “sign” this memo and support all efforts to discontinue the use of critical theory in public and private staff orientation and training.

Interview with Linda Goudsmit— “I write to fight”

Who benefits from a regressed society? The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes by Linda Goudsmit

Linda Goudsmit is the author of The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with “Kindness”, a wonderfully informative work that every American should read. It explains quickly and decisively the 50 ways that the far-left is killing America with destructive policies presented to us as altruistic—for example: Common Core, New World Order, Climate Change, Leftism, Political Correctness, White Supremacy, Collectivism, Globalism, United Nations, Ballot Harvesting, and 40 others.

The Ruse of Spontaneous Rage

Herschel Grynszpan, patsy of Kristallnacht. The Nazis used him to stoke what they called spontaneous rage.

The left tells us that spontaneous rage drives the current disorder in our cities. In fact they planned this as the Nazis did Kristallnacht