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Defunding the police may have negative consequences

Defund the police sign at base of plinth of Logan Circle statue, Washington, D.C.

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday July 3, 2020. This is the day before the 4th of July when in years past we have celebrated our nation’s founding.1 My office is closed today in honor of Independence Day. But I maintain my lonely vigil high atop the streets of my city. I will be talking about the movement to defund the police in many of our progressive Democrat cities. I will also discuss some of the consequences that are developing from that movement. For the Castle Family everything is just fine as we struggle on against the effects of the virus. The family daughter still stuck but safe thousands of miles away.

The Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line in Luxembourg

The thin blue line is a hard reality, and all that stands between ordered liberty and the tyranny that a globalist elite wants to establish.

A country unwilling to defend itself

A crowd, one of several, worked up over George Floyd

Crowd mentality knows neither rhyme nor reason. It now threatens to collapse Western civilization over a police killing that deserves investigation.

Blue Bloods Gone Oprah

Blue Bloods features police cruisers like this one.

The TV shows I gravitate to with my husband Steve, a former athlete, include live baseball, basketball and football games. They also include historical documentaries, and both true crime shows and crime dramas. Among these title: Law & Order, Forensic Files, Chicago PD, and Blue Bloods. All are studies in the greatest mystery of all time, human behavior.

Demilitarizing local police

A police cruiser in Los Angeles. Thin Blue Line in action. Two cops lost their lives in a cruiser like this one, just for being cops

A welcome trend has started in small-town and small-county police departments. They are giving back that surplus military hardware they got under the 1033 program. Many have found out it costs them to keep that hardware up, and plenty. But local citizens now also realize when their police get military gear, they become soldiers, not law enforcers. And that threatens their liberties.

Militarized police go too far

Militarized police vehicle. This kind of display could show the police are soldiers under the Third Amendment. It also is a sign of preparing for chaos and then engineering it.

The events of the last eight days in Ferguson, Missouri have called the country’s attention to a disturbing trend. America now has the most militarized police it has ever had. Like all ideas that threaten liberty, militarized police began innocently enough. But the public and the media are at least paying attention. So, one hopes, are enough Representatives and Senators

When Light Shines Out of Darkness

Phoenix police department

Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God. – Aeschylus

In the clutter of all the bad news that is reported in our country on a daily basis – namely the things that are going wrong, that which is negative and even counterproductive to the freedoms America now possesses – out of nowhere pops up a story of how blessed America truly is, by capturing the goodness of God – even when we forget all of His benefits (Psalm 103) and the grace that has been shed abroad upon this most blessed nation by His Son Jesus Christ.

Ayn Rand world: government

US Capitol, West Front

Tax season is a good time to review the Ayn Rand theory of government, and what services she found necessary and proper to good order. Those services all deal with the basic mission of government: to manage force.