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America, Do You Want the Sand or Do You Want the Bread?

Modern philosophy, with its moral relativism, teaches people to be crazy. It also leaves them open to civilizational jihad.

“Philosophy is common sense with big words,” said President James Madison.

Relativism: latest humanitarian hoax

This collage, the composer of which drew obvious inspiration from M. C. Escher, illustrates the perils of relativism in the abstract.

The humanitarian hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy. And one of many humanitarian hoaxes is: moral relativism, or simply and more broadly, relativism.

Juvenile delinquency v. victory of Trump

Worm in the apple. Symbol of bad education, moral relativism, and other wrong lessons. And of Muslims indoctrinating children in American schools. Juvenile delinquency is often the result of such things. Now it is a fitting symbol for CNN and its partnership for child indoctrination.

The phenomenon of college professors inciting students to vehemently and violently protest against Mr. Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States should be understood as a manifestation of juvenile delinquency!

Barack Obama: who is he?

Barack Obama applauds his bill, and other Democrats applaud him. But today he practices racism while accusing others of it. (And lying and spying and propagandizing.) He also practices community organizing as the ultimate humanitarian hoax.

The identity of Barack Hussein Obama has puzzled countess commentators in America and abroad since he surfaced as America’s presidential candidate back in 2004. Barack Obama has been rightly but inadequately called “the first post-American President,” which correctly describes an individual who tacitly and even scornfully rejects America’s two foundational documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Federal Constitution.

Moral relativism, modernity and democracy

Modern philosophy, with its moral relativism, teaches people to be crazy. It also leaves them open to civilizational jihad.

As readers of my articles know, I have written frequently, perhaps ad nauseam, on the doctrine of moral relativism. This doctrine dominates the social sciences and humanities in democratic countries. I have shown how moral relativism undermines conviction in the justice of a nation’s cause. This in turn saps the spirit and steadfastness of democracies vis-à-vis Islamic and other tyrannies. I shall now probe more deeply into this phenomenon.

Dignity of God in an age of nihilism

A figure in prophecy by Michelangelo. Michelangelo appealed to dignity in his workis.

We often speak of the “dignity of man.” In fact we tacitly assert man is the only creature to which we ascribe “dignity”. We may love various animals, and we may even establish “animal welfare” organizations. But we don’t attribute to thoroughbred dogs and horses the sacred and inviolable dignity we ascribe to man.

Nietzsche, socialism, and Islam

Friedrich Nietzsche

Before exposing the alliance between the Left and Islam, evident among left-wing academics in America, ponder this. More than a century ago, Friedrich Nietzsche exposed the nexus of socialism and individualism. Here are his penetrating remarks:

Philosophy and theology in Star Trek

Ancient Greek philosophy, with its proponents to personify it.

Fifty years of Star Trek definitely touched on philosophical issues. But the absence of treatment of religious issues speaks volumes about religion in Star Trek. This article will assess the philosophy, the theology (or lack thereof), and the social mores of Star Trek.

Unconscious world

A High Place at Tel Dan, northern Israel. This shows the lack of moral distinction the unconscious moral and political world of nihilism brings.

If you believe the world has gone mad, that common sense has taken an extended vacation, that 3 x 4 does not equal 4 x 3, that no behavior is good and no behavior is bad, welcome to the world of the unconscious, where the id and madness thrive.

Moral relativism: cancer of the West

Thomas Hobbes laid the foundation for moral relativism.

Nothing has had a more pernicious influence in the West than the moral relativism of Thomas Hobbes. His Leviathan is the key source of the most sinister and arguably the most influential work in modern political science. Hobbes taught the Euro-American world that violent death is the greatest evil, which was echoed in the Cold War slogan, “Better red than dead.”