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Birthright citizenship: bravo to Trump!

Vattel's Law of Nations, that defines natural-born citizen and birthright citizenship.

Yesterday President Donald J. Trump made good on a campaign promise he made three years ago. His staff had begun drafting an executive order to end automatic birthright citizenship. From now on, the government would refuse citizenship to children born to illegal aliens, on or off American soil.

Barack Hussein Obama: Con Man & Criminal Admits He is Foreign-Born

Alleged long form birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama

“Three years ago, I visited Kenya as The first sitting president to come from Kenya.” You read that right. Barack Hussein Obama actually said that.

America – deracination

Symbol of fundamental change, including DACA: Mexican flag at an immigration rally in an American city. (Possible treason? Sanctuary cities? Drivers licenses?) Mollie Tibbetts died in its name. So did a California police officer, murdered by one of many illegal immigrants. This represents another humanitarian hoax on the American people, and the deracination of America as well. It is also a signal to pass the new RAISE Act that would minimize episode of this kind. The latest: exploiting illegal immigrant children to try to facilitate open borders.

To fully understand the panic of the Left and its unrestrained hostility to Donald Trump, we must discern that at stake is America’s national identity. Indeed, this is what Trump’s s slogan “making America great again” is all about.

Birther issue still matters

The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid? The Birther movement still matters, for the precedent.

In our politically correct world, truth is often bullied into submission through intimidation and name-calling. Not only has this tactic proven to be divisive, it has also struck many blows to free speech that have been valued in America since its inception. I remember an America where we used to say: “I might not agree with what you’re saying, but I will defend your right to say it.” The militant progressive movement has managed to demolish that concept by establishing accepted norms that few dare challenge. However, if we have any hope of remaining a free and independent nation, challenge we must. For this country was founded upon legitimate protest, and such a dynamic cannot continue to exist when one faction lords it over everyday narratives. Case in point: the Birther Movement.

Barack Obama stole America

Barack Obama in a happier, more brazen, time for him.

Six years ago, I started reading articles challenging whether Barack Obama was ever eligible to have sought the Office of President of the United States. The more I read and researched the more evident it became that he had perpetrated the greatest political hoax ever against our Nation. Following is a recap of my writings on this issue which conforms with what millions now proclaim, namely, that the man currently in the White House is not, and never was, the President of the United States; a man who will do anything to prevent his birth records from being viewed, as you will read in this and future articles. In a previous election, I was prepared to vote for Herman Cain until he dropped out of the Race, and I, a Caucasian, am prepared to vote for another African-American in 2016. My voting is not based on the “transparency” a candidate claims to have but on the “transparency” he or she exhibits.

Ted Cruz in big trouble

Ted Cruz, Tea Party candidate for Senate from Texas

There has been speculation across the social media spectrum this past week that something big was about to be revealed concerning Ted Cruz. I’m not referencing any of his purported dalliances with those whom he was not married, but something quite a bit more troubling.

Bloodless revolution

Did Obama lead a coup d'etat? He was a puppet on a string--or a consummate scammer. Graphic courtesy Mychal Massie

What makes a bloodless revolution? Consider: (1) the classified material publicized in the private emails of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as her ignorance of al-Qaeda in the Benghazi debacle; (2) leftwing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s acceptance of a $200,000 donation from an unnamed foreign source – probably Muslims fond of Hagel’s anti-Israel predilections; and (3) leftwing Secretary of Homeland Security Secretary Eric Holder’s appointment of Muslim sympathizers to his Department; (4) CIA Director John Brennan, who converted to Islam. It seems that leftwing President Barack Obama has firm control of the Executive Branch of America government. And this is not all!

Eligible or ineligible?

Vattel's Law of Nations, that defines natural-born citizen and birthright citizenship.

Would anyone in America consider for a single wild and crazy moment that the son of one the most deadly Islamic terrorists of the past 50 years could be eligible to be President of the United States? If you ignore Article II of the US Constitution and the absolutely clear intent of the Founding Fathers, but instead agree with Mark Levin and Lyin-Ted, he would be.

Constitution and pretentious patriots

Vattel's Law of Nations, that defines natural-born citizen and birthright citizenship.

Several years ago many Americans awoke to the outrageous mess this country was in. A movement, not planned or anticipated, spontaneously spawned as groups formed all across this country comprised of concerned parents and grandparents who coalesced in a common cause. So popular was this movement it actually inspired Tea Party type organizations in Europe, Asia and even the Middle East. Those foreign groups however, as much as they had passion and a desire to be free, they lacked a vital component. That is, they lacked a legal support structure in the form of a constitution which could or would protect them against government tyranny.

Trump: con man?

Donald Trump has raised expectations. His State of the Union message satisifed some and raised others. To satisfy them, he must drain the swamp in and of the federal government itself. To make America great again he must re-establish the rule of law. Now he's taking a gamble--with tariffs.

After the last Republican debate Marco Rubio began calling Donald Trump a con man.