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A hypocritical voice for voting rights

Voting rights acts theater

The Democrats continue with their election reform of the wrong kind. They teed up what they called voting rights acts in Congress. At last report those acts are going nowhere fast. So now Joe Biden plans to make an angry speech about it in Georgia. Even in this context, dissension is growing in the ranks. But might political violence on the left break out? Stay tuned.

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Symbol of the Democrat Party and Democrats generally Symbol of the Democrat Party and Democrats generally

Democrats – dismal Midterm prospects

The last week of 2021 has begun. New Years’ Day will shortly be upon us, and with it the earnest start of Midterm campaign season. The Presidency is not at issue (though it should be), but control of the House and Senate are. And the Democrats are almost certain to lose control of the House, no matter what happens in other races.

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