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Jerrold Nadler wants to persecute Kyle Rittenhouse further.

Rittenhouse acquitted – but the war continues

Yesterday a jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse of the five charges that still stood against him. But a United States congressman now demands a “review of the case.” That can mean only that Congressman wants to try Kyle Rittenhouse again, on federal charges, over the same facts. Which further illustrates the absolute contempt Democrats now in power pour on the Constitution. And when they do that they forfeit any legitimacy they have, because they violate their oaths of office.

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Vaccine administration and vaccine mandate

Court stays vaccine mandate indefinitely, as Dr. Fauci admits danger to those who take the jab

The weekend of November 12-14 has seen some dramatic activity regarding COVID vaccines, and the vaccine mandate. The Court of Appeals for the Fifth Judicial Circuit reaffirmed and extended their stay of the “OSHA Rule.” This refers to the new vaccine mandate to take effect on the first Monday of the New Year. The Court now has ordered OSHA not to enforce or prepare to enforce their Rule until further notice. Meanwhile, Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., now admits that the vaccine does nothing to stop the spread of coronavirus. He also cites a danger to those who took the jab – but he might be mistaken, or lying, about the nature of the danger.

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The President and Presidency is the ultimate command

President Biden declares ideological war against dissidents

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is September 17, 2021, Constitution Day for those of us who still recognize the document. So today I will be talking about the President’s speech last week in which he basically told us that government is no longer accountable to the people, but the people are now accountable to government. Several times during his speech the president portrayed the unvaccinated as a potential enemy, and a domestic danger. Those who don’t want the vaccine often tend to be conservatives with right of center views. So President Biden appears to have declared class or ideological warfare on dissidents.

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Declaration of Independence Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence: an American insurrection?

A couple of days ago, I listened to a special Independence Day edition of the Steve Deace Show. It included a reading of the Declaration of Independence by the show’s producer, Aaron McIntire. I’ve read, and/or heard the declaration read numerous times, yet this time it seemed I was hearing it afresh.

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Man in jail - metaphor for lockdown or a federal mandate that is only a bluff Man in jail - metaphor for lockdown or a federal mandate that is only a bluff

Lockdown – a dangerous fallacy

The practice of lockdown – stringent quarantine of everyone from everyone – to contain an airborne virus gets too little debate. Too many people think stopping people from engaging in commerce or friendly meetings will surely defeat any pandemic or epidemic. The experience of last year has shown that it will not. Sadly, the assumption that it will, continues to inform public policy at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and all too many health departments, both in sub-federal governing units in the United States, and worldwide.

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Supreme Court, battleground of the Constitution, rules for Hobby Lobby. But is Neil Gorsuch a good candidate to sit here? Supreme Court, battleground of the Constitution, rules for Hobby Lobby. But is Neil Gorsuch a good candidate to sit here?

Picking And Choosing What Works For Their Agenda: The Supreme Court Wants To Decide Whether Or Not Police Can Enter Your Home To Seize Guns

The Supreme Court just took a case involving “community caretaking,” a faulty doctrine offering excuses for expanding police powers, in this case to seize guns.

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