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Critical theory – theater of the absurd

Frankfurt, Germany was home to the first critical theory of society.

Today CNAV heard from yet another target of the “cancel culture” that pervades conventional media today. If anyone wants to know why CNAV exists, “cancel culture” is why. And today we hear from Fox News that Andrew Sullivan, almost as liberal as they come, no longer has a home at New York Magazine and its parent, Vox Media. Why? Let him tell you himself: he does not approve of the latest craze the left has rediscovered. They call that craze critical theory. Critical theory poses a danger to more than its prime targets. Today critical theory endangers anyone calling himself a moderate liberal. And more than that, it endangers the rule of law itself.

Immoral certainty, abhorrent acts

Immoral certainty by Robert K. Tanenbaum

Immoral Certainty. By Robert K. Tanenbaum. Dutton Co., 1991. Re-issue: Open Road Media, 2010.

Breeding anarchy: abandoning rule of law

Anarchy flag

The Bible tells us that in the last days lawlessness (that is, anarchy) will abound resulting in the love of many growing cold. This prophecy is now fulfilling before our very eyes. We see it in our urban districts where protests abound but common sense solutions exist nowhere. And we see it in our electorate that has lost interest in participating in the political process due to their lack of confidence in their representatives. Often they correctly conclude that the eloquent speaker before them is just the same as the other “crooks” asking for their vote. These low expectations have yielding predictable results. Thus, we get what we expect and are willing to accept.