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Texas Heartbeat Act – step up, activists!

Abortion stops a beating heart. The Texas Heartbeat Act mobilizes citizen prosecutors to stop this kind of thing.

The howling, baying at the moon, and banshee screeches about the Texas Heartbeat Act, continue. As CNAV reported last week, too many commentators “get it wrong.” Whether from faulty reading comprehension or just plain laziness, they comment on this law without reading it. Or if they do read it, they clearly don’t understand it. But thus far, only one pro-life group has even put forward a program to enforce the law as it requires. CNAV cannot judge the full program, because CNAV does not have access to it. But CNAV does have comprehensive suggestions to make to take advantage to this seemingly novel approach to law enforcement.

The Texas Heartbeat Act, SCOTUS, and confusion

Abortion stops a beating heart. The Texas Heartbeat Act mobilizes citizen prosecutors to stop this kind of thing.

The dust continues to fly from a recent action (or inaction) by the Supreme Court of the United States. Shortly before midnight on 1 September 2021, the Court declined to stop the Texas Heartbeat Act from going into force and effect. Five Justices carried the day against the other four. Since then, scarcely anyone, commenting on the ruling, has “gotten it right,” likely because they haven’t read the law itself. CNAV has read the law, and its text will likely surprise everyone.

When The Criminals Set The Precedent: President Reagan’s Would Be Assassin John Hinckley Jr. Wants His Due!

Criminals like the man who shot President Reagan are setting precedents

Dangerous criminals are setting precedents for too-early release. Now John Hinckley, Jr., the man who shot President Reagan, wants out.

Americans are seeing two different movies

Time-honored tool for making movies - the clapboard

Americans are seeing at least two different movies, about the out-of-control suspect or the brutal cop. But are pols making their own movies?

Picking And Choosing What Works For Their Agenda: The Supreme Court Wants To Decide Whether Or Not Police Can Enter Your Home To Seize Guns

Supreme Court, battleground of the Constitution, rules for Hobby Lobby. But is Neil Gorsuch a good candidate to sit here?

The Supreme Court just took a case involving “community caretaking,” a faulty doctrine offering excuses for expanding police powers, in this case to seize guns.

Militia – now more than ever

Well regulated militia metaphor

The Constitution of the United States mentions the concept militia at least four times, if one counts every separate clause that mentions it. The recent accession to the Presidency of a quisling, after a compromised election, makes the militia more necessary than ever. Sadly, most American patriots don’t understand the militia as a concept. Herewith a definition of the militia and an overview of an ideal militia structure for our times.

Unlawfully Corralling You Into Taking Vaccinations: Politicians & Mainstream Media Want To Remind You That There Is Nothing You Can Do To Vaccine Companies If There Are Serious Side Effects

Sign for refusing a vaccine, or for protests against vaccines, lockdowns, etc.

Vaccine companies have always enjoyed immunity from liability or damages from side effects of their preparations. SARS-CoV-2 vaccines are no exception.

Conservatives v. fake conservatives

Ben Carson at CPAC 2014 Where real conservatives gather

Sometimes a major controversy tells you who are your friends – and who pretend to be, but aren’t. The case of Texas v. Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin fits that bill today. True conservative commentators recognize that upon this case will depend whether we have Constitutional government anymore – or not. Fake conservatives holler that the case is insane, frivolous – or a metaphor too disgusting to repeat, even to men only.

Porking the Supreme Court

Pig silhouette, symbol of pork and porking in politics - and government appointments.

Porking the Supreme Court means loading it with Justices who will legislate for favorite constituencies, not guard the Constitution as they should.

Constitution – why do we have it?

March for Life packs Constitution Ave.

Today your editor received from the Quora social network a flabbergasting indication of the willful ignorance of the American left as regards the Constitution of the United States. A worse error of understanding than what your editor read, your editor cannot imagine. Sadly, the Terms and Conditions of Quora afford no protection of any rebuttal I might offer on that platform. Therefore I will offer that rebuttal here, on a forum under my exclusive control. More to the point I intend to show why we have a Constitution, why the left things we have one, and how these two answers differ.