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If Our House Be On Fire

Thomas Jefferson promoted liberty, not license. He is a prize example of American exceptionalism. He also warned against Islam and the threat it poses.

Thomas Jefferson once said when your house catches fire, you put it out, without asking where the fire came from. Islam is setting the American house on fire, and we must put it out.

What Siegfried & Roy Forgot

A white tiger, similar to the tiger that ended the act of Siegfried & Roy by biting Roy.

Siegfried & Roy were illusionists whose famous Las Vegas act with Bengal tigers thrilled audiences at the Mirage Resort and Casino for thirteen years. Their daredevil performance was predicated on the technique of “affection conditioning” in which Roy bonded rather than trained the animals. The method required raising tiger cubs from birth and sleeping with them until they were a year old. Roy described the experience saying, “When an animal gives you its trust, you feel like you have been given the most beautiful gift in the world.”

Jihad: ultimate camping trip

A typical Muslim national flag: a crescent and star on a green field. Muslims use gradualism to extend this flag worldwide. Ironically, Islam also practices ioperational atheism with its absolute determinism.

“May you live in interesting times,” an expression (a curse) that may be traced back to post-World War II England, but is apt today, when times have become all too interesting – chaotic and troubling. We must be reminded of the July 7, 2005 bombings of a bus and three tube trains that killed 52. More recently, May 2013, when a Muslim beheaded a soldier on the streets of London; and September, 2014, when a Muslim sodomized a dog and stabbed two women, beheading one of them; and October, 2014, when Scotland Yard captured four Muslims who admitted their mission to terrorize and decapitate ordinary people on city streets, and another four who were plotting to kill police officers or soldiers on London streets – a total of 218 arrests in the past 12 months alone. Britain identified a “complex web” of 60 Muslim Brotherhood organizations now operating from London, Istanbul, and Doha, Qatar.

Jihad: Obama a recruiter?

Obama, hypocrite in chief at the National Prayer Breakfast, and orchestrator of a bodyguard of lies

By now everyone knows: as many as 300 Americans are, as the Constitution would put it, “levying war against the United States.” The Arabic, or at least Muslim, word is jihad. The Latinate word, and the Constitutional word, is treason. Now we must ask why. Why should so many young men go to the Middle East to wage jihad, against the United States or any other country? That question might have as many answers as the countries they come from. But the American answer is all too clear.

Al Qa’ida confirms UBL death

Usana Bin Laden listed as dead

The Al Qa’ida General Command issued a written eulogy of Osama bin Laden, announcing his death and vowing unspecified vengeance on the Western world.

The Associated Press and the Middle East Media Research Institute both carried the story. The statement, appearing on many jihadist websites, does not name Bin Laden’s successor nor threaten any specific retaliation. Calling Bin Laden’s death “an (sic) historic day in the days of the great Muslim Ummah,” the authors praised Bin Laden’s career in carrying out jihad against all the enemies of Islam and propounding the “spirit” of jihad.