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Christ – Lord of time and all creation

The Christ child likely rested in a manger of stone, like this one.

Images of the Christ child lying in a manger warm our hearts and comfort our souls during this very special time of the year. The songs we sing remind us of angels and shining bright stars adorning the humble surroundings of that very first Christmas over 2000 years ago. And at Easter we think of the suffering Christ and the price He paid for our salvation.

Resurrection Sunday

Western Wall. Under a two state solution, Jews could not approach it.

Today we celebrate the greatest gift that humankind has ever received: the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. To understand that is to recognize the high stakes of man’s relationship with God.

Journey to Israel, Day 3 – Caesaria Maritima

Herod's amphitheater, a metaphor for political theater or hypocrites. The soul harvest will proceed without such people.

Caesaria Maritima, the “Caesaria” of the Bible, is the first stop north of Tel Aviv-Jaffa along the old Coastal Road. This road once carried Roman, Greek, and even more ancient travelers for thousands of years. Today, motorists drive it from Tel Aviv with the ancient and modern cities further north.