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Obama v. Osama: who lies the most

Usana Bin Laden listed as dead

Perhaps the names can be a little confusing. I’ve heard more than a few people confuse the two names, but that’s not where the confusion ends. If you have followed the sensational story of the ultimate capture of America’s arch enemy, Osama Bin Laden, chances are you have noticed more than one “misspoken” word.

At first we all heard that a gun fight broke out, but of course now we hear that Obama – excuse me, Osama – wasn’t armed. We heard that the Seals had orders to capture him alive, if possible, but then we must reconcile that with the tale of an unarmed man hiding behind a woman. Then we hear that he didn’t hide behind a woman (his wife). Oh wait, now it seems that he threw the woman at the Seals but didn’t hide behind her. We hear that she died in the raid, and then we hear that she did not.