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Irreducible complexity

Plasmodium falciparum illustrates irreducible complexity by being slow to develop resistance to the quinines.

Irreducible complexity. That phrase gets a lot of attention in the creation-evolution debate, or the accident-design debate. As well it should. Irreducible complexity shows that life did not come about by accident, but by design. Recently the advocates for “intelligent design” claimed vindication. Now it’s time to review the concept.

Intelligent Design v. Evolution: Ironic?

Flowers like this do not happen by accident, but by design. Intelligent design.

Texas is at it again. The Evolutionists are fighting to remove anything remotely connected to Intelligent Design or Creationism from the classroom by objecting to the appointment of six Creationists to review the science textbooks. What isn’t properly reported is that these six people also happen to be scientists with supporting credentials in their fields. But they also happen to be Creationists. And that scares the daylights out of the Evolutionists who fear anyone knowing that credible scientists do believe in Creationism and Intelligent Design.