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The Humanitarian Hoax of Climate Change II – Debunking the Bunk – hoax 46

The Hubert Lamb CRU headquarters, center for worldwide global warming and climate change alarmism. The Paris Agreement would have gone a long way toward furthering their Luddite agenda.

Climate change is the latest world socialism gambit. And from the start, those who promote the alarm knew they were lying.

The Riddle of Climate Change

Christiana Figueres, climate change warrior

The Riddle: What climate does climate change change?

The Answer: The political climate of course.

Climate change: find a believer

Sendai, Japan, after the earthquake. Global warming, or runaway climate change, did not cause this.

Several years ago, after months of Obama and leftist agenda having been forced down America’s throat, the next logical step for that crazed cabal was an all-out effort to convince the masses that man was heating up the planet. During that time TPATH did some research which proved beyond any modicum of doubt that mankind is having close to zero effect on climate change.