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Water deep in mantle? Not so fast

A mineral found in this meteorite is now found on earth. Does that say the earth has a secret water reserve? Not so fast.

Two days ago, geologists at the University of Alberta spoke publicly about a result years in making. They said they found, on the ground, a mineral others only guessed lies about 320 miles deep. They further said this mineral held water. They published their findings, and a letter explaining them, in the journal Nature.

Sinkholes: another effect of the Flood?

A sinkhole on a mountain trail in Tennessee.

Sinkholes seem to be a growing trend nationwide and worldwide. The last 24 hours has seen reports of two fresh sinkholes. One, latest in a series, opened in Palmyra, Pa., late on December 18. In Jersey City, N.J., another opened that same afternoon after a water-main break.

360 day year: no coincidence

The 360 day year raises an interesting riddle for the modern science of astronomy. But the March for Science would never be about that.

The most ancient calendars all assumed a 360 day year. But why, when astronomers have long known that a year is about 365.24 days? Because the earth once had a 360 day year, and something changed. The ancients remembered the 360 day year. But they forgot how the year changed, or even that it changed, for centuries after the event.

Can we predict an earthquake?

An earthquake actually warns people in advance, if they know where to look. And a comprehensive creation theory shows how and why.

Earthquakes in USA

The US Geological Survey, the source of information on earthquakes

Two magnitude-5+ earthquakes have struck the continental United States, slightly more than 12 hours apart, with minimal damage.

The age of the earth

Earth according to Apollo 17

The age of the earth is an important point in the creation-evolution debate. The answer might surprise you.

Why is the age of the earth so important?

Because if the earth is young, then evolution could never take place as Darwin, Haeckel, and others have described it. But if the earth is old (make that old enough), then God is Unnecessary.

Moon water in bulk


Moon water is not just on the surface of the moon. It lies beneath, and in proportions close to those in Earth’s mantle.

Moon water discovered

Scientists at Brown University announced their find two days ago. They looked at rocks and soil that the Apollo teams had brought back. Specifically they looked at “melt inclusions,” balls of melted rock trapped within crystals of obsidian. (Obsidian is glass that forms anywhere that rock melts. This can happen at an active volcano or anywhere that molten rock flows freely.) The Brown team found 100 times as much water in these melt inclusions than anyone expected.