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Did Pakistan know where UBL was?

Osama Bin Laden compound. A terrorist attack to kill an ambassador, but not to avenge this? Remember this in elections to come.

As officials in Pakistan protest the raid that killed Usama bin Laden, some Members of Congress are asking whether those same officials knew that Bin Laden was hiding in their country and said nothing to the United States, this while taking billions in US foreign aid.

US sends borrowed money to ungrateful countries

Minnesota ANG delivers halal meals to Pakistan during floods

The recent capture of Usama Bin Laden has become a symbol of justice to many. But it has also raised an interesting question about foreign aid and whether its recipients are grateful for it.

Fox News reported that the United States has sent $3.4 billion dollars to Pakistan while it provided refuge for our number-one most wanted criminal. (Sify News reports that the Obama administration has already said that this aid will continue.) Many Americans have accepted that this country “needs” to send money to foreign countries to stabilize the governments that we befriend. So just how has sending over $3 Billion to Pakistan stabilized that government? And with friends like Pakistan, who needs enemies?