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Texit, rewilding, and casus belli

Flag of Texas - or Texit

At last report, Dan Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement is planning an April 8th “Capitol Day” rally in Austin. He has a serious problem. Though the Texit Bill (HR 1359) is in the House State Affairs Committee, they have not scheduled a hearing. This looks uncomfortably like “chubbing,” and Mr. Miller very much suspects that it is. So he wants his followers to come to the Capitol to demand action on that bill. It must pass so that Texans will have a vote on whether to stay in the Union. And “President” Joe Biden just gave Texans good cause to secede, something closely akin to casus belli.

Rewilding – a dangerous strategy for social control

Lindbergh State Park, where rewilding might have gotten its first mention from Lindbergh himself.

Rewilding – restoring land and especially riverbanks and coastlines to status quo ante human settlement – might seem like science fiction. But in fact the concept has caught the fancy of the environmental and globalist left. Furthermore, test cases abound – and the concept even found its way into a vaunted “infrastructure bill” now under debate. As such it is the true Trojan Horse – for rewilding makes human totalitarian control all the easier.

Planet of the suicides

Michael Moore, producer of Planet of the Humans

Planet of the Humans. Exec. Prod. Michael Moore; Dir. Jeff Gibbs. Narrator: Jeff Gibbs. Huron Mountain Productions, 2020.

Michael Moore warns against his own

Michael Moore

Recall that CNAV treated the question of how “green” are electric vehicles in April. Now comes confirmation of their most important drawback. And the source confirming it is the last source one might expect: Michael Moore.

Green New Deal revisited

The Squad, prime proponents of the Green New Deal and the face of Democrats in Congress. Now threatening lives after an election. Are these the most admired women in America? A most inimical friendship

Two and one-half months ago today, CNAV discussed the Green New Deal. CNAV judged the Green New Deal (download it here) a pathway to socialism, not a legitimate environmental remedy. At the time, we judged that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) included several throw-away provisions. These we expected her to scrap while pressing for specific changes in industry and transportation.

Green New Deal – path to socialism

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, architect of the Green New Deal.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.-14th) first introduced her Green New Deal on 7 February 2019. Two days ago, Representative Robert F. “Beto” O’Rourke (D-Texas-16th) introduced another draft of it, under his own name. Tellingly, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the Speaker of the House, has declined to support either version. Maybe she declined out of sheer jealousy. Ancient Roman Senators often opposed even good ideas, for no reason other than that someone else proposed them. But in fact, people of good heart should oppose the Green New Deal. For while it advertises a motive to keep Earth hospitable for human life, it has another, hidden motive. That motive is to engineer scarcity, deliberately and with a calculated view to introduce socialism in America and worldwide.

Solar power: must it cost more?

A solar power plant near Palmdale, California

Solar power sometimes costs more to implement than power from natural gas or coal. This holds even when those latter two fuels are expensive because they must ship in. The intermittency of solar power (or wind power) means one must back it up or route excess power somewhere. If this does not happen, solar power can go to waste—or worse, bring down an entire electrical grid. But these dire outcomes do not need to happen.

Electric vehicles – how efficient?

Wind turbines to power electric vehicles? Where to put them?

Earlier, CNAV treated the environmental soundness of electric vehicles. A German study released this week showed battery-powered electric vehicles are not nearly as environmentally sound as people imagine. In fact the study authors assert that even a Diesel vehicle does the environment less harm than an electric vehicle. That sounds totally counterintuitive, but has sound science behind it. The best way to see why electric vehicles will not save the planet—yet–is to understand their worst failing. That failing is efficiency, from the first fuel source to the wheels that give a vehicle its name.

Electric vehicles – just how green?

A parking place for electric vehicles only. Tellingly, it stands empty.

Electric vehicles are all the rage in environmental activist circles. Entrepreneur Elon Musk has found (or so he says) an excellent market in luxury electric vehicles. (Such is, after all, the price point for his cars.) Members of the Green Set (for lack of a better name) love them for what they represent. Or so they think. But activists and electric vehicle makers are fudging the numbers to make them look more “green” than they truly are. If policy makers seriously think carbon emissions are a problem, and electric vehicles can solve it, they need better numbers, and now.

Behold, A Green Horse

The Four Horsemen of the apocalypse, including Death on his pale green horse.

“Behold, a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” – Revelation 6:8. Except the word rendered pale is the Greek chloros, which means pale green. So the Horse of Death is a pale green horse.