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Articles of Federation

Seal and Flag of the United Federation of Planets. The Articles of Federation do not comport with the Constitution.

In fifty years of watching various Star Trek series and movies, few considered Star Trek politics. But Star Trek does have a political system. It must, to support the ships (or the fortress) of which the series speak. That system is the Articles of Federation.

Star Trek: a tarnished jubilee (Intro)

The Star Trek cast and producer pose with a namesake spacecraft.

Fifty years ago this fall (8 September 1966), a new kind of science fiction television show had its premiere. Mr. Gene Roddenberry, who created it, did not rely on dazzling but absurd effects. He left that to his competitor, Irwin Allen. Instead, Roddenberry relied on character development. His show had characters people could not only believe, but love. That single element of the writer’s craft guaranteed the success of Star Trek. No other dramatic franchise in science fiction comes close. Four successor series, a fifth in development, and now thirteen motion pictures, attest to that success.