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A hypocritical voice for voting rights

Voting rights acts theater

The Democrats continue with their election reform of the wrong kind. They teed up what they called voting rights acts in Congress. At last report those acts are going nowhere fast. So now Joe Biden plans to make an angry speech about it in Georgia. Even in this context, dissension is growing in the ranks. But might political violence on the left break out? Stay tuned.

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Mail-in ballots defeat transparency in elections

Mail-in ballots have to go (election reform)

Data from at least two elections – Wisconsin in 2020 and Virginia in 2021 – show that mail-in ballots have a distinctive partisan tilt. In both these elections, mail-in ballots trended Democrat. And in Virginia we can distinguish between mail-in ballots and in-person early voting. The latter trended Republican across the State and in most counties, even while mail-in ballots trended Democrat. One can accept this as an occasional result but not as a consistent one. It could mean that those inclined to ask for ballots by mail tend to vote Democratic. Or it could mean that the Democratic Party deliberately manipulates mail-in ballots to try to win elections. Only one way exists to find out: eliminate mail-in ballots and replace them with some form of in-person election service. And if the results swing back to the norm, then we have established, and eliminated a cause of, fraud.

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Mobile voting precinct - artist's concept

Mobile voting precinct (election reform)

The Election of 2020 saw many irregularities, most of which Democrats say we cannot avoid. By “cannot” they mean “it wouldn’t be fair.” Most of the irregularities concerned absentee ballots – and absentee ballots have always been the bane of elections. Any discussion of absentee ballots comes down to the inevitable “hard cases” of people who just can’t show up at the polls on Election Day. Now CNAV knows as well as does any judge that bad cases make bad law. So we who want election reform to ensure election integrity, must address those “hard cases.” CNAV has found a way: the mobile voting precinct.

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Election reform: durational residence

Today CNAV begins a new series on election reform. But by “election reform” CNAV does not mean what Social Justice Warriors want. They want the eventual abolition of elections with themselves as the oligarchy. To that end they gimmick elections so that they always win. (Though in the Election of 2020 they made a mistake! They neglected the down-ticket races.) To a conservative, election reform means securing the integrity of our elections against all manner of fraud. To do that, authorities must make such fraud impossible. And one of the best ways authorities can do that, if they really want to, is to reinstate durational residence.

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