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The greatest problems facing the nation

Debt and money word cloud

Debt, especially national debt, is the greatest problem American faces today. And neither candidate is addressing it.

What happens if Biden wins?

Joe Biden, former Vice President, and agent of conspiratorial division. And enemy of every Jew in America.

If Joe Biden wins election, he will pack the Court and turn America socialist. During the debate he gave every indication of this.

Socialism by definition and degree

Say no to socialism

The U.S. Presidential Election of 2020 will definitely give Americans a choice between freedom (and specifically capitalism) and socialism. The socialism advocates know this. So they have begun a disinformation and “gaslight”1 campaign about what socialism is – and is not. Therefore, to make an informed decision, the American people need some definitions. And these must be precise definitions, because socialism is in fact a matter of degree.

Fatal Decadence

Illustration of decadence. Not quite fatal decadence, but close.

A fatal decadence has supervened in America. We see it in cities whose governments won’t defend the individual, and a federal government printing bad money.

Summer of Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

The summer of murder in 2020 included scenes like this in Minneapolis.

The summer of 2020 turned intto the summer of murder, mayhem and madness. For that blame mayors letting their cities become war zones.

Critical theory – theater of the absurd

Frankfurt, Germany was home to the first critical theory of society.

Today CNAV heard from yet another target of the “cancel culture” that pervades conventional media today. If anyone wants to know why CNAV exists, “cancel culture” is why. And today we hear from Fox News that Andrew Sullivan, almost as liberal as they come, no longer has a home at New York Magazine and its parent, Vox Media. Why? Let him tell you himself: he does not approve of the latest craze the left has rediscovered. They call that craze critical theory. Critical theory poses a danger to more than its prime targets. Today critical theory endangers anyone calling himself a moderate liberal. And more than that, it endangers the rule of law itself.

Made in China

The faces of collectivism, communism, and to a lesser degree, socialism. Note Mao - because cultural upheaval is made in China. The clock is ticking. Will a descendant of these three win? The Equality Act furthers this goal.

Made in China is a mutating phrase depending upon its political context. At one time, made in China inferred precision manufacturing and low prices. If clothing was made in China the stitches were precise, uniform, and accurate. Tools, computers, sports equipment, shoes, furniture, virtually anything made in China was considered high quality low price. What happened?

The Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line in Luxembourg

The thin blue line is a hard reality, and all that stands between ordered liberty and the tyranny that a globalist elite wants to establish.

Century of the Common Man

FDR and Henry Wallace at the 1943 Inaugural. Henry Wallace later proclaimed the Century of the Common Man in his famous speech.

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today I will be talking about what former vice president Henry Wallace described as the century of the common man. What condition is the common man in today since this is supposed to be his century? For the Castle Family week four out of quarantine passed uneventfully although the powers that be tell us we are now part of the masked ones whether we want to be or not. The family daughter remains marooned but safe and unmasked, virus free but in a distant land.

A Journal of the Plague Year – The Courage to Do Nothing

An example of courage. But when valor preys on reason, it eats the sword it fights with.

The courage to do nothing is sorely lacking, not only in medicine but also in government and macro-economics. This lack will hurt worse until we remedy it.