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Tesla rocks

Tesla pops – and warns on inflation

Yesterday Tesla delivered its earnings report in a call to investors. In that report Tesla surprised everyone with how well they are doing. But Elon Musk, the founder, warned that inflation will take its toll in future. And he also accused the Biden administration of low-balling the numbers.

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Poison pill

Poison pill – Twitter under siege

Twitter has put in the classic poison pill defense: a “shareholder rights plan” that will dilute Twitter stock. The board of directors is risking this, just to stop Elon Musk from buying the company or a controlling interest. As long as this rights plan is in place, buying out Twitter becomes an order of magnitude more expensive. But it also exposes the company legally, by diminishing shareholder value, at least short-term.

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Fist of economic warfare

Economic world war

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Good Friday, or the Friday before Easter Sunday, the 15th day of April in the year of our Lord 2022. I will be talking about the economic warfare being waged across the full economic spectrum by the Western World against Russia, against Vladimir Putin, and against anyone who will not comply.

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Elon Musk takes questions about Tesla and other subjects. Elon Musk takes questions about Tesla and other subjects.

Elon Musk attacks Twitter

Elon Musk yesterday launched a frontal assault against Twitter. Specifically he offered to buy all remaining outstanding shares at $54.20 per share. Twitter turns out to have many defenders, and all have rushed to defend Twitter, one way or another. But does Elon Musk have the right idea? Or should he partner with an established Parallel Society platform and out-compete Twitter?

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Lokal Profil Jesusland map with Alberta, even closer to the Great Sortation

Great Sortation gets Mainstream Media attention

The Great Sortation – or, as one blogger calls it, the Great Schism – now has gone mainstream. The New York Times talked of new laws driving “red States” and “blue States” apart. But it also talked of people moving to States with laws they like and neighbors on the same page. Has the country taken a road to a formal split?

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