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Ebola, CDC, and confusion

The biohazard symbol, a warning to follow protocol.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) seem unable to make up their minds how a patient harboring Ebola can give it to someone else. Have they confused themselves beyond repair? Or has someone told them to lie to us?

Time to save America


A good argument can be made that America has been on a downward slide since the middle of the 20th century. Thanks to people like Lyndon B. Johnson, who robbed churches of their political voice with the 1954 Johnson Amendment; and Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood who fought for the legalization of abortion and her cohort Mary Calderone of SIECUS, America’s spiritual and moral decline escalated without much opposition. The problems that resulted and their root causes are now a part of America’s historical record. Those who choose to evaluate the causes of our downward spiral will find many benefactors of evil in addition to the ones named that legitimately deserve blame. But when push comes to shove, the fault of our decline is not resting squarely on the shoulders on the man now occupying the White House or his evil predecessors. It rests on ours.

Chris Christie caves on Ebola

Flag of New Jersey

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey caved today. He tried to deny it. But neither he nor anyone else can mitigate what he did: first declare a twenty-one-day quarantine, then relent on it. That kind of relenting could get millions of people killed.

Ebola, Obama, incompetence


Ebola, Obama, incompetence. People will remember these three words together long after Obama leaves office. Obama has blundered badly at every stage of the Great West African Ebola Outbreak of 2014. A private company handled things better at its campus in the diseased region. Some think Obama hoped to gain an “October Surprise advantage” from this affair. He will not. He and the incompetent boobs he appointed, destroyed what advantage they had. Ebola tested Big Government, and found it lacking. Everyone should learn from this debacle. Learn what private persons and enterprises can do.

Protocol breach by CDC

The biohazard symbol, a warning to follow protocol.

Over the weekend, the first American patient contracted Ebola fever in America. The patient, a nurse, will not give her name. She cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, alias “Patient Zero,” before he died. The CDC blames her for somehow “breaching protocol.” but they have no idea how she broke protocol. Of course they haven’t. Because she didn’t break protocol. The CDC themselves did. And so has de facto President Obama, since Ebola first broke out in West Africa.

Ebola: inadequate response


The Obama administration did not stop Ebola from reaching American shores. Now it is not doing what it should to stop Ebola from spreading more widely. One class of citizens took matters into their own hands last night. All Americans must now do the same.