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Accountability gains a new tool

Wikicountability, a new accountability tool

Accountability and transparency are two words that Barack Obama says but does not mean. Now another site seeks to hold him to those words.

Meet Wikicountability, the latest project of Stephen Law’s American Crossroads and its sister site, CrossroadsGPS. Wikicountability is the WikiLeaks of the right. Its editors don’t steal their information. They get it with perfectly legal tools, like the Freedom of Information Act.

Obama releases official-looking birth certificate

Alleged long form birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama

The White House today released what it said was a “long-form birth certificate” from the State of Hawaii. But the release seemed to raise more questions than it answered.

The document, available from the White House as a PDF file, appears to be a photocopy of a page in a bound volume, printed on paper having a green pattern that appears often as a background for documents of this kind. It bears identifying numbers from the Hawaii Department of Health. It says that one Barack Hussein Obama II was born on August 4, 1961, at Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital,6086 Kalanianaole Highway, Honolulu, Hawaii. The parents are listed as Barack Hussein Obama (Senior), age 25, and Stanley Ann Dunham, age 18. A photograph appeared on “TwitPic” with the bottom third of the form slightly out-of-focus, but these PDF scans are well within focus.