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Who benefits?

Who benefits from a regressed society? The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes by Linda Goudsmit

Sharon Rondeau interviews Linda Goudsmit, author of the Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes. Linda tells us: who benefits from the regressed society of today?

David and Goliath in the Court of Public Opinion

David and Goliath, with David triumphant.

The David and Goliath narrative in 1 Samuel 17 opens with the Philistine army gathered for war against Israel.

Come and take it – 3D printer style

Come and take it said the Texas rebels.

News breaks every day of yet another battle between President Donald J. Trump and his allies, and Deep State elements. Naturally a patriot can lose, in that shuffle, some good result or other that Trump delivers. On May 4, 2018, Trump made a definite promise to members of the National Rifle Association at their annual meeting. He vowed never to compromise on the validity of the Second Amendment. To show he meant business, he recounted a bit of Texas history: the Gonzalez Flag. In detail he described that flag: a lone star, a cannon, and this pithy sentence: Come and take it. With that he galvanized the NRA members in Dallas.