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President Biden declares ideological war against dissidents

The President and Presidency is the ultimate command

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is September 17, 2021, Constitution Day for those of us who still recognize the document. So today I will be talking about the President’s speech last week in which he basically told us that government is no longer accountable to the people, but the people are now accountable to government. Several times during his speech the president portrayed the unvaccinated as a potential enemy, and a domestic danger. Those who don’t want the vaccine often tend to be conservatives with right of center views. So President Biden appears to have declared class or ideological warfare on dissidents.

We Have All Of The Information That We Need: Tolerating More Political Crimes, Politicians, Agencies Within State & Federal Governments Is The Recipe For Self-Destruction

Americans have learned to magnify the crime, not the criminal, especially gun crimes, while ignoring political crimes

America hears about the same political crimes and those who commit them. But those who tolerate them do a worse disservice.

The Talk of Tyrants, Part II

Tyrants rule by fiat. The rule of law is no barricade.

Joe Biden during the 2020 election cycle once warned Americans about his future intentions as a president, “it is not about your rights, it is about your responsibilities.” This is how a tyrant talks. As it turns out, he also walks the tyrant walk. The United States, a nation founded upon individual freedoms and liberties—and yes, individual responsibility—has lost its way if this is what we believe should be the purpose of government.

The first 100 Days of Joe Biden

Joe Biden, the Teflon Underboss - and exponent of racism

The first 100 days of Joe Biden have been a disaster for the United States and promise only more disaster to come.

Breach of contract – grounds for Texit

Flag of Texas - or Texit

The Texas Nationalist Movement is up against it. Their key bill, HB 1359, sits in the State Affairs Committee without even a hearing. Chairman Chris Paddie is chubbing this bill, and no mistake. So Dan Miller, head of the TNM, came up with a brilliant ploy. He is asking his followers to record three-minute “virtual testimonies” to add to his website. Next week he will stream all the testimonies on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and wherever else he can get an account. Herewith the “virtual testimony” of your editor, on a simple premise: the federal government is in breach of contract.

Big Tech + Big Media + Big Government = A Society Destroyed By Experts

Twitter in your ear - now government in your ear using Twitter as the hearing aid

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is the 9th day of April in this the year of our Lord 2021. Today I will be talking about the shocking levels of lies upon which almost everything presently seems to be based. Previously only the government was the brunt of jokes about liars such as:

How do you know they are lying? Their lips are moving.

Now the government seems to be using private companies to outsource its lies. So that it’s hard to tell the difference anymore.

Another Bill Targeting Americans: According To US Government Documents, Most Americans Are “Domestic Terrorists”

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard D-Hawaii

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) now sounds a public alarm that a pending bill would treat “almost” half the country as domestic terrorists.

It’s for the common bad

The Capitol in a happier time, before the Democrats took control in 2021.

The Democrats took control of government and laid on a 25,000 strong show of force. A sad metaphor for a sadder intent on their part.

The State of the Union

State of the Union

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday, the 8th day1 of January in the year of our Lord 2021. And on this report, I will be talking about the state of the union. I’m not referring to a speech given by some politician which is just a campaign ad. No, I mean the actual state of the union as I see it. When the events at the Capitol happened on Wednesday, I had to completely revise this Report from a year in review format to where are we now. Where are we now, that’s the question – so let’s take a look.

American in name only (AINO)

An American flag flying at Chimney Rock, NC. Too bad the NFL no longer appreciates it. America is one election away from extinction. Which dreams will prevail: those of our forefathers or the savage dreams of socialism?

An American who does not value his national identity becomes an American in Name Only. That’s the problem in America today.