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Chris Christie still an AGW alarmist

Chris Christie as United States Attorney

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) has always been a global warming alarmist. He still is, despite pulling out of RGGI recently.

A conservative sounds the alarm on Chris Christie

This morning, the site Net Right Daily said that Chris Christie “shifted” into the global warming alarmist camp. They also said that Christie had been skeptical of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) last year. His remarks last month, when he pulled New Jersey out of RGGI, show that he believes that the earth is getting warmer and that man is making it warmer.

Chris Christie target of Obama dirt diggers

Chris Christie as United States Attorney

Chris Christie of New Jersey is already a target of Barack Obama’s dirt diggers—and he’s not even running. Yet.

Background on Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has said for over a year that he does not want to run for President.

Short of suicide, I don’t really know what I’d have to do to convince you people that I’m not running.