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I Thought That It Was Not About The Children – Of Course It Is! It Always Has Been, Just Ask Them….

Children and the qualities that make them vulnerable to sexual offenders

A new California law makes children more vulnerable than ever to sexual offenders, by lessening the punishments such offenders face.

A text without context

God of Israel, god of war. (And a need for context.) A memorial to the last time Israel was ever on any real offensive: the Six-day War Memorial. (A Jewish Jedi warrior would be quite at home at such a time.) Calling something a Nakba doesn't make it tragic.

In her book, The Shepherd’s Granddaughter, Anne Laurel Carter drops her young readers into the middle of a land without its history, a situation without context, and a story without perspective. But she intends her message to influence innocent students. It is a tutorial in subterfuge, a tale woven on an invisible loom, where the circumstances are unseen, the actions undefined, and the slander insidious. This is my seventh children’s book review and it has left me reeling.

While Pedophile Faces Death By Firing Squad For Molesting Children In Indonesia, California Passes Bill To Reduce Penalties For Sex With “Willing Children”

State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-Calif.). He would make a pedophile no longer a criminal.

Why is it, that while a pedophile faces death by firing squad in Indonesia, California would make his act no longer criminal?

Vigilante Justice: When The Law Fails To Serve Us, Then We Must Serve As The Law!

A crudely lettered sign promises vigilante justice if lawful processes continue to fail.

Vigilante justice increasingly substitutes for official justice when lawful processes fail in pedophilia cases. We see this worldwide.

The Death of Irish Catholicism

Mist on Blessington Lake in Ireland. This is a good model of the pre-Flood water cycle.

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Since St. Patrick’s Day has just passed, I will be talking about Ireland. I seek to uncover what is going on there. Specifically I will discuss what is happening on the Emerald Isle with regard to the Catholic faith and what has caused it to happen.

Exploitation of America’s children

Even politicians take part in the exploitation of children in America.

“If it’s after eight, it’s too late!” Every year at Gay Pride parades, a continent from NAMBLA shows up to repeat that slogan. They think nothing of the exploitation of children, and try to pretend they’re doing those children a favor.

Child trafficking cover-up

Bradlee Dean discusses what poverty in America often looks like.


They would not believe it, because it is the unthinkable. That is why we can get away with it.

Yes, It Is The Unthinkable! Why would the modern American Church stand down concerning the homosexual agenda? Why are politicians in Washington D.C. voting in favor of what God calls an Abomination?

Pro-life battle: win or lose?

Children and adults marching in the annual Pro-Life spectacle, the March for Life

I received a call last evening from the 40 Days for Life campaign director who asked me if I was interested in participating. Now I do not judge the motives of those who do make a stand in the pro-life cause in this way. But a far deeper issue exists which we must address. As I discussed this with my wife, she rightly pointed out that it is rather hypocritical to stand out the front of an abortion clinic praying for the women who go in while the church uses birth control. Whether you kill a child at conception or weeks later, your motive is the same and the result is the same: no child. Most Christians do not realize that the pill causes an abortion, just a very early one. Other methods of preventing the seed and the egg meeting are also motivated by the same underlying issue, not wanting children.

Who’s your daddy?

We all have smiled sometime in the past at the friendly image of Uncle Sam calling us to various patriotic responsibilities. But in today’s day and age, this once kindly old uncle has stealthily become the head of many households in America.

Once in the not-too-distant past, the father held the position as head of the household. He set the standards of right and wrong and determined how the family’s money should be spent. Many fathers made sure their children learned the Golden Rule and developed good work ethics. Those days now seem gone with the wind as government legislates morality through school curriculum and bully/hate speech laws. Its intrusion into family life encroaches upon our god-given right to pursue happiness by dictating how our incomes should be spent on charitable causes, while dictating which causes are charitable and what organizations deserve a portion of our hard-earned dollar – even if we believe those organizations are morally reprehensible.