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Announcing new video options

Tango video player icon

As regular readers know, Alphabet, Inc., owners of YouTube, have decided not to let YouTube be what YouTube always has been. To be specific, they are disallowing accounts on the basis of content. For that reason, contributors will have to move their videos elsewhere. CNAV will be ready for them. To that end, CNAV announces a new video embedding extension that will work with more platforms than YouTube alone.

Tech Tyrants

Technology has come a long way since these days. Tech Tyrants thrive in the modern electronic age.

The Tech Tyrants are the companies that helped connect everyone and now decide who may speak and who may not. Government isn’t the answer. Better education might be.

Bradlee, Censorship Sounds a Little Conspiratorial! It Sure Does.

A Facebook notification settings page. Are Facebook and other social media subversive? And in a conspiracy of censorship?

Conspiracy theory is the ultimate refuge of the apathetic. If you cannot change your own country, it must be that some greater force controls the world and there is nothing that you can do about it. This is exactly what conspirators would have you believe. The truth of the matter is, you do not want to make the effort to deal with it.

Declaration of Cybernetic Independence

The Declaration of Independence, the product of American exceptionalism, lists many ways to be an enemy of the state. A Declaration of Cybernetic Independence is now in order.

Sometimes in cybernetic events, a user or users must terminate their contracts with immediate connection and other service providers. Often that means building their own providers, having a separate and equal station with those of their former contractors. The civil law, and the laws of physics, allow this. But one must pay the proper respect to the opinions of others—if they deserve it. That means setting forth the causes for declaring cybernetic independence.1

WordPress.com goes to the dark side

Wordpress.com goes to the dark side.

Item: WordPress.com Shuts Down Fellowship of the Minds With NO Warning for Supposedly Violating “Terms of Service” – Who’s Next?

Alex Jones, terms of service, and truth

Terms of service. Did Alex Jones really violate these at four different places? Or did the Deep State use that an an exuse?

On August 6, 2018, the arbiters of Facebook, YouTube, Apple (iTunes), and Spotify canceled the accounts and content of InfoWars founder Alex Jones. They took these actions within a twelve-hour interval of time. Each of them accused Alex Jones of breaking their terms of service. No two of them gave the same particulars, and some gave no particulars at all. The timing of the bans raises an immediate suggestion of collusion among them. And the allegations each made against Alex Jones vary from the vague to the specious to the outright mendacious. Moreover, one could allege the same against other users whose accounts remain. And that, sportsfans, is what we call selective application of the rules. Absolutely no one who does that, can make a truth claim and expect anyone to accept it.