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Ancient chronology, new model

Changing the calendar needed a lot of energy

In Biblical chronology, people sort Biblical lives and events in the order of their happening, and define how many years passed between events. The Bible itself gives the first clues to Its own chronology. Sadly, different politicians and scholars through the ages have provoked sharp disputes about some of those events and the numbers of years between and among them. Men have twisted history to serve their own ends since the ancient Egyptians and Assyrians.

360 day year: no coincidence

The 360 day year raises an interesting riddle for the modern science of astronomy. But the March for Science would never be about that.

The most ancient calendars all assumed a 360 day year. But why, when astronomers have long known that a year is about 365.24 days? Because the earth once had a 360 day year, and something changed. The ancients remembered the 360 day year. But they forgot how the year changed, or even that it changed, for centuries after the event.