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Byzantine church discovered in Acco

A lighthouse in Acco

Israeli archaeologists have discovered a Byzantine-era public building, probably a church, in Acco, or Acre, in northern Israel. This latest find proves that Acco was an important center for the spread of Christianity in the Holy Land.

Details of the building

The building sits 100 miles west of Tel Acco. The archaeologists also found many roof tiles, parts of marble ornamental structures, pottery, and coins. These, plus the style of the building, make it a Byzantine structure. It is the first Byzantine-era structure, other than a residential neighborhood near the sea, found in this ancient city.

Journey to Israel, Day 3 – Caesaria Maritima

Herod's amphitheater, a metaphor for political theater or hypocrites. The soul harvest will proceed without such people.

Caesaria Maritima, the “Caesaria” of the Bible, is the first stop north of Tel Aviv-Jaffa along the old Coastal Road. This road once carried Roman, Greek, and even more ancient travelers for thousands of years. Today, motorists drive it from Tel Aviv with the ancient and modern cities further north.