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The Jew Haters in Power Were Very Carefully Taught

Has Rep. Ilhan Omar anything better to do than attack Jews in public? Antisemitism - Jew hate - at a new level.

The Jew haters, who came to power or owe their appoints to them, are very carefully taught, as is always the case for the oldest hatred.

Endangered Species

Polar bears, that leftists call an endangered species

Too many organizations solicit charity for polar bears, thinking they are an endangered species. When in fact Jews are an endangered species.

The Democrats’ Abandonment of the Jews

Franklin D. Roosevelet. The abandonment of the Jews began with him. Obama then copied his disastrous policies, with predictable results.

In 1984, David S. Wyman, a professor of history at Amherst College, published The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941–1945, in which he documented the degree to which leftist icons like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt were presented with irrefutable evidence of Jewish genocide yet did nothing to stop the mass murder of six-million Jews in Hitler’s Europe.

Nothing New in the Sick World of Jew Hate

Has Rep. Ilhan Omar anything better to do than attack Jews in public? Antisemitism - Jew hate - at a new level.

Jew hate has been with humanity for thousands of years, at least since the first Purim during the Exile. Too many modern Hamans exist in the West today.

The Sludge Sisters

The new faces of the Democratic Party. The Triumfems of the House of Representatives attack the Jews almost as often as they attack capitalism and America itself.

Throughout the ages, Jews have been the targets of genocidal forces both large and small, educated and ignorant, liberal and conservative, pagan and religious.

Anti-Semitism on Parade—Everything Old is New Again

The Left has let France return to the days of open anti-Semitism in the streets of France.

Anti-Semitism never died after WWII and is now resurging in the West and even in America. But now the Jews are fighting back.

Vetting Keith Ellison

Rep. Keith Ellison campaigns for Hillary Clinton in October of 2016.

The Huffington Post’s headline, “Minneapolis Jewish Community Defends Rep. Keith Ellison against Anti-Semitism allegations,” indicated that Keith Ellison (D-Minn) was making his bid to head the Democrat National Committee. But are such allegations against Ellison implausible?

Ben Hecht, thinkers, Jews, and ants

Ben Hecht would have a field day with modern Muslims and liberal Jews.

The following remarks reconstruct and update a few observations and ideas appearing in A Guide for the Bedeviled, by Ben Hecht. He made them in 1949 about Germans on one hand and Gentile “academics and journalists” on the other. Today these apply to Muslims and to many Jews. What follows, therefore, are paraphrases from the original text. They are what Ben Hecht would write, did he live today.

Anti-Semitism and arab terrorism: offense

The Left has let France return to the days of open anti-Semitism in the streets of France.

Few people have grasped the dynamics of anti-Semitism as well as Vladimir Jabotinsky. His understanding of Nazi Jew-hatred applies to Arabs living in and around Israel. Sad to say, his insights are also relevant to anti-Semitism in the United States.

ASA – Anti-Semitic Association

King Saul died here, and at an Amalekite's hand.

The American Studies Association (ASA), allegedly a scholarly association – (“our nation’s oldest (1951) and largest association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American culture and history,”) has abandoned its scholarly pursuits to boycott Israel, and banned Israel’s university representatives participation in a forthcoming academic conference at a California hotel/resort. The chain subsequently declined. Why would a once-respectable organization depart from its stated mission, and take on a jihadist agenda? Answer: moral bankruptcy – clearly and definitively anti-Semitic, they have chosen Marxism and Islamism over democracy, virtue, and integrity.