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Comments (6)

  • Terry,

    You have any answers for why won’t post another one of my comments? Here is the latest in response to the following news piece:

    Lutheran Pastor: ‘Get the Federal Government Out of Our Consciences’

    My comment that was refused two times tonight, in response to the above link:

    The very essence of [good] politics is to provide decent and moral policy for the preservation of its citizenry and its posterity. Also, to primarily “provide for the national defense.”

    Good govenment is not to be an end in itself, attempting to take the place of an individual’s conscience and play God. Yet, [US] government under the Obama mandate thinks it knows best for America. Essentially Obama and company take on a big brother role to encourage a minimal population growth, rate. [Please read some substansiating links below]

    I view this latest government intrusion upon 1st Amendment personal conscience and religious choice, to implement another piece in its subtle eugenic’s program. I only wish that the many American blacks who support Obama, would realize how he is playing a huge destructive role, heavily participating in our nation’s abortion genocide problem – especially, against American blacks:

    “Abortion and Contraception Key Tools in Black Genocide: New Film”

    “Abortion genocide:”

    Oh yes – I attended the same seminary while Dr. Harrison was a student. Too bad that didn’t do him more justice with a better pic. As I remember, his appearance is striking and dignified and he is a straight talker – no split tongue.

    Hey – Mark – if you happen upon this news piece and read the comments, – keep telling it, as it is! Thank you for standing up in support of our First Amendment rights and God given consciences, – opposing this godless Obama anti Christian government and hideous bureaucracy!

    Finally, Christ taught his followers that they should turn the other cheek. But, he never intended that His followers should roll over and be stepped upon, allowing themselves to be the punching bags of a decadent culture.

    Terry, is against mentioning “abortion genocide?” Or, am I being punished because someone from CNS saw my one comment here that bemoaned the fact that they did not post that one? I can’t figure out now, why I am apparently being sanctioned……..

    Please, if you could give me your thoughts on this. Thank you.

    Nathan Bickel

    • Pastor:

      I do not try to understand the motives of a news organ that ostensibly carries a conservative viewpoint and yet shies away from publishing comments like yours. Given the execrable nature of the comments on that last article (about Dr. Harrison), their comments policy remains a mystery. (Which, as I’m sure you remember from your seminary training, is a fancy Greek word for a deep, dark secret!)

      My comments policy would be the opposite of theirs. I will approve no lewd, obscene, lascivious, or scatological remarks, suggestions or proposals. Nor will I approve an attempt by another Webmaster to score some free advertising.

      Beyond that, I’m sure that everyone knows that the views expressed in a comment are the commenter’s own and do not necessarily represent those of CNAV.

      So I have no problem publishing comments like yours.

      Now if some person or persons unknown is/are bribing certain organs to censor the news, I wouldn’t know about that. I have never had any experience with that. But if anyone in cyberspace thinks he can teach me, I will cheerfully teach him my antidote in return. And this is the nature of that antidote: anyone who even thinks to offer me a bribe to suppress a story may surely expect his e-mails to appear, verbatim, on this site, together with such header information as I would deem helpful to any investigator who desired to trace them to their source. I publish from New Jersey, which is a one-party-consent State, and I have no respect for anyone who attempts to keep that which the public ought to know, secret from that public. Anyone who doubts the seriousness of my purpose may ask Fergus Mason what my treatment feels like.

      I mention that last because, though I have never personally seen hard evidence of such censorship, or subornation of same, I start to wonder when an organ like CNSNews behaves as it has. Such behavior makes zero sense in an organ with the mission they’re suppose to have. The only other possible explanation is that they somehow believe that some things are too fantastical to be true, or that they somehow expect the family or executors of Margaret Sanger to sue them for libel. But given that a certain commentatrix recently told Jehmu Green to her face that Planned Parenthood began life with a mission to exterminate her co-ethnics on account of the color of their skin, I find CNSNews’ attitude frankly cowardly.

      You can tell that I have a different attitude. I’m outrageous because I state outrageous things for the record. I point to naked Emperors and tell them in front of everybody that they are parading around without any clothes on. And most people might not remember this, but two years and three months ago, I was the one who broke the Climategate scandal, by moving it beyond a few non-commercial blogs dedicated to climate news and onto a semi-professional news organ ( Thirty-five thousand page views in twenty-four hours are all the evidence I need that my act pulled out the one card that brought down that house of iniquity.

      Beyond that, you’ll notice that I cover the case of Purpura v. Sebelius when no one else will. (Speaking of which: today is The Day for the Friday Morning Meeting of SCOTUS on that case.)

      That should tell you where I stand.

  • Terry,

    Thank you for your response. Also, thank you for explaining CNAV’S policy for commenting. I also appreciate that you have no problem with my opinion comments.

    Furthermore, it was interesting to me to read how you and CNAN’S website were instrumental in breaking the Climategate scnadal. As you (rightly) suggested, “…..Thirty-five thousand page views in twenty-four hours…..” is phenomenal!

    Having stated the above and returning to my CNSNews disappointment concern, would I be presuming if I sent the following personal account for submission to your editorial page? I think that it meets the 500 word requirement, and, is an issue of free and proper speech concern for Conservatives:

    Highly Disappointed with the Self Professed [so-called] “Conservative” News Website – “CNSNews:”

    I question why the CNSNews website won’t provide an online facility which allows web readers to contact them with a suggestion or comment box. From my present perspective and viewing, such a contact facility isn’t highlighted on the CNSNews homepage. And, if it exists, it isn’t that noticeable for easy access like many websites.

    Furthermore, I recently witnessed that online CNSNews does not accept particular Conservative comments of mine in which I logically substantiated my opinions with evidence. In the one news piece, was a rejected comment in which I used a logical and viable Hitler comparison, vis-à-vis the American genocide, reality. More recently, in another news piece, (about government forced contraception usage and payment), I referenced in my comment, (which was rejected), “eugenics,” “population control,” “genocide,” and “black genocide.” [And, I will add that my comments were germane to the news piece. My comments were proper and contained no foul language]

    I will also add that CNSNews does not cover the Constitutional eligibility issue of the Barack Obama “presidency.” It will not cover that issue; even though it claims on its “About Us” page, the following:

    …..Study after study by the Media Research Center, the parent organization of, clearly demonstrate a liberal bias in many news outlets – bias by commission and bias by omission – that results in a frequent double-standard in editorial decisions on what constitutes “news.”

    In response to these shortcomings, MRC Chairman L. Brent Bozell III founded in an effort to provide an alternative news source that would cover stories that are subject to the bias of omission and report on other news subject to bias by commission.

    CNSNews endeavors to fairly present all legitimate sides of a story and debunk popular, albeit incorrect, myths about cultural and policy issues…… [CNSNews “About Us” page]

    Frankly, I think that CNSNews ought to revisit its [“inside the box”] criteria and be less disingenuous and hypocritical – thus, living up to its own self designed journalistic standards. I may as well add that I think its founder, who regularly is a guest on the FOX News Network, is [therefore] being disingenuous in his weekly upbraiding of the liberal mainstream media.

    Consequently, I have decided at this time to cease accessing CNSNews, in the same manner as I have disengaged, in visiting Drudge because of his non journalistic political campaign bias. Also, I will not promote or recommend CNSnews. I will also relate to others my experience of the censor of my opinion comments at CNSNews and its omission of viable “eligibility news,” when I deem appropriate and when the subject of “Conservative” news, and also, media censor discussion, is broached.

    Finally, there are other media which, to my knowledge, do not behave and act inappropriately and with censoring, as does CNSNews. I will frequent sites such as , , , and, other websites which will not discriminate against Conservative posted comments.

    Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

  • For what it is worth:

    The discussion on the article, “SOVEREIGNTY UNDER FIRE: TREASON DISGUISED” appears to have reached its “level of diminishing returns.”

    Perhaps, you should close off further comments……

    Again, – just my suggestion……..

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