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Un-American yourself!

Un-American Obama didn't salute the flag. He despised nationalism and preferred to salute a different flag. And the genie helped him get away with that.

A new fashion has sprung up in America today. Those who have taken over the federal government, have taken to calling people Un-American for opposing them. This applies as well to those who voted for them. (Which, yes, many did—just not so many as they pretend.) Their use of that phrase un-American looks like a classic example of projection. Which, as your editor learned in his core clinical clerkship in psychiatry, is the defense of throwing off on the other guy. (From the Latin pro- before and iacio I throw, the passive participle of which is iectus.) Only this time the throwing-off won’t work – because the ones using it lack any qualification to call anyone un-American. And the reason they don’t is that they are the real un-American actors.

Texit – the definitive list

Flag of Texas - or Texit

Below is the definitive list of articles concerning Texit, or a Texas drive for independence. Obviously this list has grown too long to append to every article. Therefore one can read those articles here.

Allen West for Governor (or President?) of Texas

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.-22nd) in 2011

Yesterday (at a church service, no less) Texas politics exploded. Lt. Col. Allen West USA (retired) announced that he is running for Governor of Texas in the Republican primary. And so begins the most serious “primarying” effort against any establishment Republican in America today. But it also could put in place the one man who could make Texit – Texas independence – real.

Texit – taking stock of defenses

Flag of Texas - or Texit

As CNAV reported earlier, Dan Miller’s Texas Nationalist Movement has begun a petition drive to put the question of Texit – Texas independence – on primary ballots, both Republican and Democratic. At the same time, key Texas officials have at last begun to pay some attention to Texans’ concerns. In point of fact the federal government began abusing Texas in earnest with the inauguration of Joe Biden as President. Mr. Miller, citing the Code of Federal Regulations, maintains the federals have been abusing Texas since the rise of the Administrative State.

Texit defenses redux – border wall

Flag of Texas - or Texit

Last week, Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) promised an announcement on building a border wall by Texas’ efforts alone. Yesterday the governor made good on that promise. No doubt the governor did this to slow the momentum toward Texit – Texas independence. He will not succeed in this, if the fervor of the Texas Nationalist Movement is any indicator. But if this project is everything the governor says it is, then it is a step Texas must take on the road to independence.

Lockdown – a dangerous fallacy

Man in jail - metaphor for lockdown

The practice of lockdown – stringent quarantine of everyone from everyone – to contain an airborne virus gets too little debate. Too many people think stopping people from engaging in commerce or friendly meetings will surely defeat any pandemic or epidemic. The experience of last year has shown that it will not. Sadly, the assumption that it will, continues to inform public policy at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and all too many health departments, both in sub-federal governing units in the United States, and worldwide.

Texit petition drive

Flag of Texas - or Texit

Last night Dan Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement made the Major Announcement he teed up ten days ago. Using a relatively obscure provision of Texas election law, he will start a petition drive to put the question of Texas independence on the Republican and Democratic primary ballots. At the same time the TNM will recruit challengers to all Texas officeholders who “chubbed” the Texit bill to death. This is a brilliant plan, and the best possible strategy to win Texas independence.

Texit – building Texas defenses

Flag of Texas - or Texit

As Texans (and other Americans) wait for the Texas Nationalist Movement to make its Big Announcement, the Governor of Texas suddenly is taking the kind of steps that Texit – the secession of Texas from the Union – would mandate for Texas’ own defense. Specifically, Texas law-enforcement officers will start arresting illegal immigrants on their own. If the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement authority must stand down, the Texas Rangers and local sheriffs will not. But more importantly than this, Texas will start to build its own wall along the Rio Grande.

Aruna Khilanani – the inmate who took over the asylum – an open letter to Peter Salovey, Ph.D., the 23rd President of Yale University

Aruna Khilanani M.D. M.A.

Aruna Khilanani delivered a lecture to faculty and students in psychiatry at Yale. She became the inmate who took over the asylum.

Texit – the next move

Chess - a centuries-old war game

Texit – the movement for Texas independence – stalled in the regular session of the Legislature. HB 1359, the Texas Independence Referendum Act, got no hearing. Even many hours of “virtual testimony” did not sway a complacent (or frightened) Texas House. Now Dan Miller, head of the Texas Nationalist Movement, is preparing his next move. And he will announce that move within ten days.