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Driver’s licenses for illegal aliens

PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

Now that the elections are behind us, we as citizens must ensure that the legislators know how we view issues of importance.  When one considers the concept of licenses for illegal aliens on the surface it may appear to be a logical step in knowing who is driving and that they are in fact educated and tested in their ability to read signs and understand the driving laws in New Jersey where they reside as well as having insurance for accidents and having license plates in the state of New Jersey.  This is however an over simplification of the issue and rationale for granting driver’s licenses.  Bringing illegal aliens ‘out of the shadows’ is just easy-speak and a sound bite that solicits sympathy for their situation, but we must remember they are in fact illegally residing in the United States and that behavior should not be rewarded, yet the following seeks not to focus on that issue but moreover the actual ramifications of such a decision and the domino effect that decision has on many facets of the lives of those who actually are legal residents.