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Where is Barack Obama?

Barack Obama applauds his bill, and other Democrats applaud him. But today he practices racism while accusing others of it. (And lying and spying and propagandizing.) He also practices community organizing as the ultimate humanitarian hoax.

Louisiana is under water. The Chicago Tribune (yes, the home town paper of Barack Obama) headlined on August 17th:

Why no more debates?

Donald Trump at a conservative gathering in 2011. Does he truly pass the test? It would appear so--for he is now the voice of the silent American majority. He at least stays grounded in the real world.

After reading the TPATH article, “No More Debates: an Unsolicited Suggestion for Donald J. Trump,” and being a TPATH contributor who no longer supports Donald Trump, I felt the need for an Unsolicited Rebuttal. So I am hereby listing, point by point, my thoughts:

Trump: con man?

Donald Trump has raised expectations. His State of the Union message satisifed some and raised others. To satisfy them, he must drain the swamp in and of the federal government itself. To make America great again he must re-establish the rule of law. Now he's taking a gamble--with tariffs.

After the last Republican debate Marco Rubio began calling Donald Trump a con man.

Doritos and NARAL

The 2012 March for Life finishing before the Supreme Court

Who knew? Who knew the Super Bowl would become embroiled in the pro-life conflict? For all you football deficient people out there who were watching “Say Yes To The Dress” Sunday night, you missed a great commercial. It became all the talk Monday morning – and still is. That would be the Doritos Ultrasound commercial:

CapitalOne and your wallet

PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

A few years ago CapitalOne dropped Alec Baldwin as spokesperson. I thought it was because he is too liberal – too controversial. However, maybe CapitalOne dropped him because he wasn’t liberal or controversial enough!

Secular progressive response

Islam: Obama's religion of peace, and enemy of America. And a deadly religious perversion.

The Huffington Post, in full agreement with the Daily News, reported, “Another Shooting, Another Deluge of Tweeted Prayers. Public officials are the people society trusts to solve society’s ills. Like, say, gun violence. But… all these officials can seemingly do is rush to offer their useless thoughts and prayers.If I were in a dream, what’s happening in America would be a nightmare. But I’m not in a dream; this madness is all too real. For decades Secular Progressives have successfully pushed God out of our society, and the result is the ever-increasing amoral violence we are experiencing.

America’s moral compass

Planned Parenthood kills more than guns. An anti-abortion and anti-gun control message from the 2013 March for Life. This represents one of the two Americas.

President Obama assured us his goal was to Fundamentally Transform the United States of America. One of those transformations has been to regain America’s moral compass.

Wind and solar: bye bye

Will the sequester make these a rarity? Not necessarily, says a smart executive.

A TV commercial appeared during the Fox Business presidential debate claiming climate change is the greatest threat to the world today. (Absurd! Militant Islam is the world’s greatest threat.) It was produced by a group called NextGen Climate.

Murder: partisan issue?

A "therapeutic abortion," under dubious clinical circumstances. This is what the Women's March of 2017 was really all about.

The House of Representatives just voted on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

Read that title again. Then read it again. What does it say?

Social justice

The Bible, the Word of God. After getting a thousand of these, the Mayor of Houston blinked.

There are those who believe I am a whacko, right wing, uber-conservative Christian. Well, I wear that label with pride because it means I actually know, and believe, what God says in the Bible. It also means I don’t accept the Progressive Christian alternative that preaches social justice in lieu of biblical truth.