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The Talk of Tyrants, Part II

Tyrants rule by fiat. The rule of law is no barricade.

Joe Biden during the 2020 election cycle once warned Americans about his future intentions as a president, “it is not about your rights, it is about your responsibilities.” This is how a tyrant talks. As it turns out, he also walks the tyrant walk. The United States, a nation founded upon individual freedoms and liberties—and yes, individual responsibility—has lost its way if this is what we believe should be the purpose of government.

Patience Pays; Inflation Steals

Science suggests our current government is run by lower-achieving members of society. Ironic..

What Is the Federal Reserve? How It Works, What It Does, Why It Matters

One of the more telling scientific studies is that of the “marshmallow test.” You may have heard of it before. An adult tells a child that they can have one now, or in fifteen minutes have two. Then the adult leaves. The simple delay of gratification predicts higher future achievements. For most of those whose job it is to run the government—their actions suggest they picked one.