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IRS scandal plan B: Go off road

Here we are, it is day whatever in the IRS scandal. New evidence is heard daily but it has to be wrung out of the establishment like turn buckling a washcloth. The new daily evidence just uncovers even more horrifying crimes. I don’t use that word easily, horrifying. But soon maybe I will. Because ladies and gentlemen, it gets much worse. Much darker and much more sinister.

Tea Party v. NJ GOP

Mark Falzon, Tea Party Democrat

The Republican Party did not develop the Tea Party, and now seems bent on destroying it. Just look in New Jersey.

The Tea Party and its enemies

2010-2011 has been witness to many developments in this nations’ struggle to maintain her freedom against the unconstitutional forces and policies of Barack Obama. The Tea Party Movement, Conservative groups and the so-called “alternate media” such as talk radio, Beck, etc have been struggling to turn back the tide of government largesse and anti-constitutional conditions. As one would expect, the DNC, the mainstream media, the EPA, Soros and his bankrolled legions, the Justice Department, the Journo-list, and a host of corporate cronies are the brigades in Obama’s confrontation with the Tea Party Movement.