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I Speak For Middle Class America

Flag of Mexico, country of refugees. (Or can a new President fight corruption by removing disrespected laws?) Trump replaced NAFTA with a new bilateral agreement. But why do so many of Trump's opponents fly the Mexican flag, anyway? Besides: Mexican immigration law is a lot harsher than ours.

I am tired of listening the left talk about the “poor refugees” who are trying to enter our country via the porous southern border. If these same people feel that strongly about their welfare, then they should take some of them into their homes and feed them, clothe them, and give them a job mowing their lawns or picking their tomatoes. I know that sounds callous, but when you realize that there are over 13 million children, who are citizens of the United States, and who are deemed “food insecure,” (not having enough food to eat), by the Department of Agriculture (USDA), why are we worrying about these invaders? These 13 million children are U.S. citizens, living within our borders, who deserve the government’s help, the refugees on the southern border ARE NOT U.S. Citizens!!

New Jobs Prestidigitation

Barack Obama in a happier, more brazen, time for him.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, government information that is available to all citizens who are willing to do the investigative work and not just listen to the television talking heads who only tell a partial story, the following scary information is available:

To All You Stupid People Out There . . .

Dunce cap

I know, that is not a good way to start an essay, but I can’t help it. American citizens, as a group, show a greater lack of common sense than a lab rat. At least a lab rat, after many times negotiating a maze, will eventually remember how to get to the cheese. Most U.S. citizens rely on their politicians to tell them where the cheese is.

Makers and Takers: Samuel and Hussein

Squirrels can teach us much about makers and takers

Editor’s note: Ever notice that the best way to teach moral principles to a child is to use anthropomorphized animal characters? What if two real, live animals acted out their own morality play for a little boy? Don’t laugh: it happened. Our newest contributor shows how two squirrels illustrated beautifully the concept of makers and takers.