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Pro-life battle: win or lose?

Children and adults marching in the annual Pro-Life spectacle, the March for Life

I received a call last evening from the 40 Days for Life campaign director who asked me if I was interested in participating. Now I do not judge the motives of those who do make a stand in the pro-life cause in this way. But a far deeper issue exists which we must address. As I discussed this with my wife, she rightly pointed out that it is rather hypocritical to stand out the front of an abortion clinic praying for the women who go in while the church uses birth control. Whether you kill a child at conception or weeks later, your motive is the same and the result is the same: no child. Most Christians do not realize that the pill causes an abortion, just a very early one. Other methods of preventing the seed and the egg meeting are also motivated by the same underlying issue, not wanting children.

Internet protocol: God has a prior claim

A harvester ant. Who knew that ants used an Internet protocol to decide how many foragers to send out?

Biologist Deborah Gordon and computer scientist Balaji Prabhakar of Stanford University found harvester ants use a system to control the rate of sending out ant foragers that works in the same way internet protocols control data transfer on the Internet.