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Germany In Defiance Toward Tyranny: In Case You Were Under The Delusion That Everyone Is Just Going Along With It!

Rally in Germany at entrance to Tiergarten

The people of Germany are openly defying public-health orders and thronging places like Berlin’s Tiergarten to defy all lockdowns.

75 Years After Auschwitz And Not Much Learned

Europe died in Auschwitz.

75 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, the Jews haven’t learned the most important lesson: active self-defense. And anti-Semitism is rising again.

Terrorism, Islamism, and globalism

Officials condemn terrorism but not terrorists. And now candidates browbeat their opponents into accepting terrorists. Why?

“Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death.”

—Adolf Hitler

Liberty, federalism and the conservative statesman

Isaiah Berlin

Good government in a free society keeps positive and negative liberty in balance. These two forms of liberty are out-of-balance today.

Positive and negative liberty – definitions

In his 1958 lecture, “Two Concepts of Liberty”, Isaiah Berlin established the modern framework for discussions of liberty, and with it a model for federalism based on positive and negative political liberty.

According to Berlin, negative liberty describes the extent to which one is free of obstacles to one’s actions.  Negative political liberty acts inwardly and restricts “the area in which a man can act unobstructed by others.”  Conversely, positive liberty refers not to “freedom from…”, but rather “freedom to…”, for instance, freedom to be in control of one’s destiny.   Such self-actualization is an expression of positive liberty, which by its nature acts outwardly.