Joe Biden, the Teflon Underboss - and exponent of racism Joe Biden, the Teflon Underboss - and exponent of racism

Joe Biden’s greatest asset

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 21st day of January in this the year of our Lord 2022. This is a great opportunity to review one year of Joe Biden since this is exactly one year and one day since his inauguration and coincidentally this week was his first press conference of the new year. I confess I did not watch the Presser live as I was at work, but I did see the replay and it left me a little depressed that the President appears to be delusional. That is if he actually believes what he said he believes. What about his first year? Did he have any successes that we can talk about?

Joe Biden is not Donald Trump – but is that really an asset, great or small?

The question of what is his greatest asset, is an easy one to answer because his greatest asset for the last year and even for the year of his campaign has been that he is not Donald Trump. That’s not an asset for the 74 million Trump voters, obviously, but for all those in the extreme left of the Democrat base it is an asset. The harder question to answer is whether it is still an asset. My answer based mostly on gut feeling or instinct is no it is not. Joe is doing well though in his eyes at least as he expressed in last Wednesday’s press conference. Everything is just fine according to the President.

Everything’s changing. It’s getting better the president said. If you take a look at what we’ve been able to do, we made enormous progress. If you don’t see it that way its probably because there are a lot of things you just don’t understand. The polls confirm that the American people overwhelming agree with his policies and all those polls that show otherwise, well he doesn’t believe them. I won’t call those answers delusional because politicians commonly are so narcissistic, they simply cannot come to grips with their own failure, but the polls this morning are dangerously close to the 20’s.

He failed to unify the country

The president believes he has made enormous progress, but he failed miserably to achieve his chief goal which was to heal the divisions caused by four years of Donald Trump and unify the country. The real Joe Biden keeps getting in the way of unity. The one that compares Republicans who disagree with his voting rights bill with Bull Connor. The one who repeatedly lies about being arrested at a civil rights march with Martin Luther King when he was normally on the other side of those issues. He doesn’t see soaring crime rates and soaring inflation as problems of his making or problems needing attention.

Joe just wants to help working people. He is not Bernie Sanders, he said; I’m a mainstream Democrat. Everything he said seems to have two effects with each one scarier than the one before. Is he really the mainstream of the Democrat Party? If so, it spells future disaster for them because despite what the President believes or says he believes, less than one third actually approve of his performance so far.

Inflation? Afghanistan? These represent progress?

Most people can see that the enormous progress he bragged about includes the worst inflation in 40 years. Every time someone goes to the grocery store or gas station, they see his progress. Each trip families give up one more item they used to enjoy because its not there and if it was they couldn’t afford it. The supply chain disruption issues it seems, were easy to cause but very difficult to fix and there is no progress in sight enormous or slight.

What about the enormous progress he made in Afghanistan? I mean, we can all see that can’t we? We are out of there and I will give him that but the way he handled those left behind was so callous the old Joe Biden was evident. He was exposed as the not so grandfatherly, cold, and incompetent that he apparently is. The people left behind to the military’s disapproval, are still there apparently under the tinder mercies of the Taliban. What about the almost one hundred billion dollars of high-tech weapons left for distribution all over the world to our enemies Mr. President?

Joe Biden and the disastrous economy

Has he tanked the economy? You can judge for yourself. He seems intent on trying to fix the economic problems he causes by giving away billions simply created out of thin air and then added to the debt. To fight the rising cost of meat he blames those evil large packers and sends one billion dollars to small packers so they can charge less. So far, the price of hamburger keeps going up. If he thought that would actually work, then he probably is delusional. To fight the rising cost of fuel he doesn’t find and pump more fuel, instead he releases oil from the strategic reserve a tried and proven failure by many previous Democrats. They want more oil and lower prices but those on the radical left don’t so they try something that fails every time. In an attempt to please everyone, he pleases no one.

One thing is obvious and that is that he believes in masks, or least he believes in requiring other people to wear them.. I suppose he thinks that the reason there is so much resistance to them is that people just can’t afford them, so he sends out 400 million for free to be distributed through various approved pharmacies. The same thing for the 500 million home tests for the virus that he sent out. My insurance company sent me a letter telling me to go to Walmart Pharmacy to get one for free.

Chaos at the border – and Ukraine

Chaos at the border or is that too strong a word? No, chaos seems mild if anything when one looks at the horrible conditions with thousands of migrants streaming across each month. No one seems to know or care if the newcomers have Covid or any other disease for that matter. No vaccine or mask requirements for them. The ironic thing is how many borders the US Government controls or seeks to control around the world. Mr. Biden is quite adamant in his determination to control the border between Russia and Ukraine.

The president insists that no more Russians can set foot in Ukraine than are already there. He told Vladimir Putin that the response would be substantial if he invades Ukraine, but in the next breath he admitted that an invasion will probably happen and there is very little he can do about it. That line, that little bit of offhand honesty, caused some dismay in Ukraine from the reports coming out yesterday and today, and someone must have explained to him that it was rather disastrous to admit the truth.

Thursday, he corrected and talked about the horrible things that would happen to Russia if their troops set foot in Ukraine. That’ll teach him to slip up and tell the truth. What sanctions could he impose on Russia that has not already been imposed? Perhaps he could sanction Mr. Putin personally and cut off his international banking privileges, but that would probably involve ending diplomatic relations with Russia.

What does he expect Putin to do or think?

There is absolutely no valid reason why Mr. Putin could not be assured that NATO has no interest in Ukraine and that US missiles will not be stationed there. It is now inconceivable that NATO could admit Ukraine. That is simply no longer a possibility so why not assure Mr. Putin of that. Ego perhaps, international bragging rights, maybe just the continued illusion of being emperor of the world. When the Reagan/Gorbachev agreement ended the Soviet Union, that empire was dead broke from the efforts to maintain and defend its sixteen colonies, as well as the effort of competing with the US militarily. Reagan took advantage of that and offered a carrot to Gorbachev and ended the cold war.

Mr. Biden, on the other hand, seems more interested in starting a new cold war with the roles reversed. It seems lost on him that if the Soviets had the world’s reserve currency, they would still have those sixteen colonies and the Berlin Wall. Mr. Biden is not the first Emperor to threaten Russia, and to use a British phrase, the last two to do so came a cropper. Napoleon entered Russia at the head of a grand army of 680,000 men, but only 26,000 made it back to France alive and Napoleon was exiled to Elba.

Long memories of Russia suffering invasion

131 years later the memories had faded, and a new empire arose in Europe. Adolph Hitler sent 3 million men and 3000 tanks into Russia and most either died there or become prisoners of war and died there. Three years later the would-be emperor had blown his brains out and the Russians burned the Reichstag. Could we make a deal with Russia that would benefit both countries, absolutely, but will we? No, under this president I don’t think so because that would involve an admission that this is not a unipolar world and at this point would humiliate Biden.

How the US handles the issue with Russia is similar to the issue with inflation. Those who make decisions and order the buttons pushed to create money can stop pushing and curtail inflation, or they can lie about it. Naturally, they lie because that is what those drunk with power do, they lie in order to keep power in order to make other people do what they want. The issue with Russia could be resolved with a simple deal that practically exists already, but it is better to make some pretentious lie to appear strong.

Joe Biden wastes his opportunities

I see many opportunities that present themselves from which the country could be at least partially unified and at least some of the pressure could be released, but he normally not only does the wrong thing, but he also does the opposite of the right thing. For example, in Atlanta the other day during his speech on the voting rights bill, he could have extended a hand to the 74 million voters who chose someone other than him, but instead he gave them a symbolic middle finger by comparing them all with segregationists such as Bull Connor. Essentially, vote for my bill and support it, or you are Bull Connor.

… especially on education

One final issue where the President could perhaps achieve some unity and extend a hand is the issue of the proper role of parents in the education of their children. The President could create unity, calm some unease, and perhaps help himself politically if he could define the role of parents differently than the other members of his party. The denial of parental rights in the education of their children has already caused a long-term Democrat state, which is Virginia, to elect a Republican governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, as well as shift majority control of the legislature.

Rather than continuing to call those parents racists and segregationists, why not address their concerns and perhaps some of the problems could be solved. Maybe an honest approach would save at least a few of the House and Senate majorities from the massacre expected this fall. The mid-term elections are still 10 months away and a lot of things can happen before then that could change the results, of course. What about war with Russia for example? That would throw the political balance into disarray wouldn’t it, but even Joe Biden is not that callus, is he?


In conclusion, we have talked about the worst poll numbers in history after the first year of a presidency, but what does the president think about his first year. He admits that we have problems and that families are suffering so he will create some money and send it to them which will of course make it worse. When asked about his Vice President and her assignment of the border he said first of all she will be my running mate and I did give her the assignment and she is doing a good job. Perhaps that does indicate some dementia, but it at least means he is delusional. I’m glad he like the Vice President because she can use a friend. I don’t think she has many in the American public.

Finally, folks, it has been a bad month for the President and a very bad year for the country and its chief executive. Let’s pray he does not start a nuclear war or turn our economy into Argentina. That country is often called the most European country outside Europe. Its currency, the Peso, cannot be used for international payments so it must use the dollar and it therefore cannot inflate away its debt as does the US. Argentina has another way of dealing with debt, it just doesn’t pay. Occasional default is an Argentine tradition, but not an American one, not yet at least.

… and salute

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

From, by permission.

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Darrell Castle is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, a former USMC Combat Officer and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee. Darrell gives his unique analysis of current national and international events from a historical and constitutional perspective. You can subscribe to Darrell's weekly podcast at

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Darrell Castle

Darrell Castle is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, a former USMC Combat Officer and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee. Darrell gives his unique analysis of current national and international events from a historical and constitutional perspective. You can subscribe to Darrell's weekly podcast at

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