New Mexico teen seen on video throwing newborn baby into dumpster

An 18 year old in New Mexico was charged with attempted murder and felony child abuse after she was caught on surveillance video tossing her newborn baby in a dumpster. The girl told authorities she did not know she was pregnant until the day before she gave birth.

Alexis Avila, who has since been released from custody on $10,000 bond, told detectives she thought she was having stomach issues the day before she delivered the baby, and did not realize was pregnant until she sought medical treatment. The next day, she gave birth to the child. On Friday, Avila was seen on video disposing of the child in a dumpster and driving away.

The baby was found when three people searched the dumpster for valuable items and heard crying. They contacted authorities, who recovered the child and transported the newborn boy to a hospital to receive medical attention. According to authorities, the child is now in stable condition in a hospital in Lubbock, Texas.

Avila is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday. Authorities reminded the public of New Mexico’s safe haven laws, which allow parents to leave children under 90 days old at a fire station or police department without being prosecuted for abandonment.

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